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Proposed Whitewater Wind Farm still seeking buyer for electricity it would generate

​Roughly three months after receiving the green light from Fayette County, a proposed wind farm project is still in search of a buyer for the electricity it would produce. ...The project also has another question mark, for while it has received its special exception permits in both Fayette and Henry counties, the situation in Rush County is a different story.
12 Nov 2015

Wind farm wins county's OK

The Henry County Planning Commission has voted unanimously to grant Whitewater Wind's request for up to eight wind turbines in Dudley Township. About 50 people attended ...The next step for Whitewater Wind is to participate in similar meetings in Fayette and Rush counties, which are also included in the wind farm plans. The company is considering placing 77 wind turbines, including 43 in Fayette, 25 in Rush, and as many as eight in Henry County.
24 Jun 2015

Brevini to pay county $375K for jobs failure

The Brevini companies — which relocated their U.S. offices here from Illinois —never employed more than about 60 workers. The company is now paying the price for that job-creation failure: On Tuesday, the county commissioners and Brevini acknowledged to The Star Press that the company will pay the county $375,000 for failing to meet job-creation goals of hiring 200 workers by the end of 2014.
8 Apr 2015

Ind. lawmakers OK bill to gut net metering rates

Indiana lawmakers yesterday passed legislation that would lower net metering rates and tax solar energy consumers, despite strong opposition from renewable energy advocates who claim the bill is designed to kill the state’s solar industry. The bill, approved by the Indiana state House Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee, would reduce the amount utilities must pay to consumers for excess energy generated by residential solar systems.
20 Feb 2015

Attorney has experience in wind farm debate

“The information that’s available now compared to two years ago is significant. The effects of the low frequency sounds, whether it’s 1,000 feet away or a half mile away or sometimes even a mile away is much more significant than anyone thought because we don’t hear it, the brain feels it the brain reacts to it and usually it results in sleeplessness and can aggravate existing conditions.”
17 Feb 2015

Expansion of Wildcat Wind Farm in Grant County won't happen

E.ON Climate & Renewables had until the last day of 2014 to start pouring concrete for the second phase of its Wildcat Wind Farm, which would have added wind turbines in western Grant County and neighboring Howard County. The deadline was part of the terms of the green-energy company’s economic development agreement with the commissioners.
1 Jan 2015

Keep wind turbines out of Huntington County

Disrespectful; insulting, horrible; intimidating; uncalled for; disgusting; despicable. Those are a few adjectives reflecting the conduct of the Huntington County community development director and several of the Plan Commission members during their Nov. 12 public hearing on amendments to the county’s industrial wind turbine ordinance.
22 Dec 2014

Public Eye: Wind dies down in Howard County

“With the moratorium in place we can now come forward together, citizens and governing bodies, to amend the Howard County wind ordinance and begin the process of healing relationships and reaching out to those feeling shortchanged by the actions taken in the cancellation of this industrial wind turbine project.”
24 Aug 2014

County terminates Wildcat Wind Farm

The Wildcat Wind Farm project survived six years of recession and remonstration, but last week it finally breathed its last. Faced with changing economic conditions and an unrelenting opposition that had expanded into political activism, the Howard County Commissioners terminated their agreement with e.On last week.
21 Aug 2014

Residents try to escape Howard County

The people of eastern Howard County have argued long and loudly against the advent of a wind farm within their community. Their efforts, to this point, have been in vain. So, a group of them approached the nearby town of Converse, hoping to escape the county’s jurisdiction.
9 Jun 2014

Plan commission approves new bakery, tables wind discussion

Audience member Hank Bilsland, a Culver resident and one of the most vocal opponents of wind turbines at the council meeting, said there was "a lot of resistance" to the 140-foot tower height allowed in the plan commission's proposed ordinance. Bilsland distributed wind turbine photos to commission members. He also suggested solar energy systems were a more beneficial alternative to wind energy.
1 Jun 2014
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