Library from Indiana

Indiana Pros, cons of wind power evaluated 18 Nov 2007
Indiana Wind farm issues include bird kills and appearance 13 Nov 2007
Indiana Multiple wind farms possible locally; Energy companies contacting East Central Indiana land owners about easements. 5 Nov 2007
Indiana Public ready to be heard on Knox power plant 29 Aug 2007
Indiana Cities, county pass ordinance governing wind turbines 7 Aug 2007
Indiana Tippecanoe County Commissioners Approve New Regulations on Wind Energy 6 Aug 2007
Indiana Carmel ponders windmill power 6 Jun 2007
Indiana Ordinance considered for wind turbines 1 May 2007
Indiana Wind farm to take root in Benton 24 Mar 2007
Illinois Indiana Kansas Missouri Nebraska Wisconsin Ethanol Reaps a Backlash In Small Midwestern Towns 23 Mar 2007
Indiana Wind energy, the future of Remington? 23 Feb 2007
Indiana Indiana Michigan Power is setting up test sites in Jay and Randolph counties 28 Jan 2007
Indiana Carmel Mayor Investigating Using Windmills 18 Nov 2006
Indiana City to test the wind as source of electricity 17 Nov 2006
Indiana Blowing in the wind? -Utility sees potential energy harnessed by wind farm 9 Nov 2006
Indiana I&M scouts East Central Indiana sites for possible wind farm 3 Nov 2006
Indiana I&M to test wind in Indiana as possible new energy source 26 Oct 2006
Indiana Lugar stumps for alternate energy 24 Oct 2006
Indiana City seeks plan before light lease goes dark 15 Oct 2006
Indiana Testing the winds- Local site studied as Hoosiers consider alternative energy 15 Oct 2006
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