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I&M scouts East Central Indiana sites for possible wind farm

Indiana Michigan Power has invited 250 residents of Jay, Randolph and Wayne counties to meetings next week to discuss the possibility of developing a wind farm. The electric utility is seeking people willing to lease their land to I&M for the installation of two or three 200-foot meteorological towers to collect wind data. If the data show that a wind farm is feasible, either I&M or a developer would plan to lease land for the installation of wind turbines, typically 50 to 70 of them, each taller than the Statue of Liberty with rotors the size of jumbo-jet wings, said I&M spokesman Mike Brian.
3 Nov 2006

I&M to test wind in Indiana as possible new energy source

Indiana Michigan Power has a range of energy sources — coal, nuclear power, hydroelectric power. Eventually, wind could be added to the list. I&M announced Wednesday that it would place meteorological test sites in east-central Indiana to explore the economic and technical feasibility of building a wind farm in the area. This is the first time for I&M to do any wind testing in Indiana, said David Mayne, spokesman for I&M.
26 Oct 2006

City seeks plan before light lease goes dark

Though the most visible aspect of the city’s electric assets is the former Lawton Park Generating Plant, which became Science Central, its most valuable feature is the distribution network. Even though the city can’t generate its own power anymore, it owns the wires and circuits through which power flows to homes and businesses. That could be a powerful trading chip in a world considering carbon markets and pollution credits. “We want to explore the current economic value of the current asset and look at possibilities not present in 1974,” Richard said. “If you control a distribution system, you may be in a very different position.” It may not make economic sense for the city to build a wind farm and lease it to I&M, Richard said, but no one knows until the question is explored. A recent federal court decision put new pressure on electric companies to clean up coal-fired power plants, which will increase the pressure to find alternative sources of power.
15 Oct 2006

Abatement next step for Benton wind plan

FOWLER -- Orion Energy LLC is moving closer to getting its Benton County wind farm project off the ground. The seven-member Benton County Council voted unanimously Thursday morning to approve a resolution that designates York and Richland townships as economic revitalization areas. That action clears the way for the council to consider a 10-year tax abatement for Orion. The company is planning to place a maximum of 135 electricity-generating wind turbines on farmland in the two townships in the northwest part of the county.
29 Sep 2006

Wind could be next energy source to blow into Indiana

MUNCIE -- The ethanol industry in East Central Indiana is on the verge of a rapid expansion. Could that be followed by a wind energy boom? Yes, according to the Indiana Coalition for Renewable Energy and Economic Development (INCREED), which is trying to build support for state legislation to jump-start the wind-power industry in Indiana. "One of the things we want to dispel is that we don't have any wind capacity in Indiana," said Grant Smith, executive director of Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, during a trip to Muncie last week.
17 Sep 2006

Wind farm proposal backed

FOWLER -- No opposition to a wind farm project proposed for Benton County was expressed during a public meeting here Thursday night. But some people would like to see Orion Energy LLC bring a little more cash to the table. The Benton County Council held the meeting to take comments on a resolution that designates Richland and York townships as economic revitalization areas. That step is necessary before the council can consider providing a 10-year tax abatement to the Oakland, Calif.-based company which is designing a wind farm that would place a maximum of 135 electricity-generating wind turbines on farm land in the two townships.
15 Sep 2006

Tower to test wind potential in Allen

A Philadelphia company Tuesday received permission to test whether eastern Allen County is suitable for a wind farm. The Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved Community Energy’s request to establish a meteorological wind study facility along South State Line Road, south of Gar Creek Road. The company plans to build a 197-foot-tall tower to gauge whether the area has enough wind to establish a wind farm. Brian Cocca, wind development associate with Community Energy, said the tower – or mast – will be a temporary structure that is solar powered.
14 Sep 2006

County takes first step toward potential wind farm

On Wednesday, the Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals gave Community Energy Inc. of Wayne, Pa., final approval to build a 190-foot meteorological mast on Coomer’s farmland on the 200 block of South State Line Road. The company will use the mast to analyze wind conditions at the site for up to five years, the first step toward building a wind farm. Coomer said he doesn’t know much about wind farms, but the idea to study wind in the area as an alternative source of energy was too interesting to pass up.
14 Sep 2006

Wind power

Members of the Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals will discuss a proposal to build a 200-foot tower on the eastern edge of the county to study wind speed, consistency and other weather conditions.
11 Sep 2006

County may be wind farm material

A Pennsylvania wind energy development company wants to study Allen County, the first step toward potentially building a wind farm in the area. Community Energy Inc. of Wayne, Pa., has petitioned the county to build a 190-foot meteorological mast on farmland at the 200 block of South State Line Road in Woodburn. The company would use the mast to analyze wind conditions at the site for at least one year.
25 Aug 2006
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