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Residents discuss wind farm contracts; Company offers landowners leases of $14,000 per turbine

A group of Boone County property owners believe the answer to the country's energy and other woes is blowing in the wind -- but opponents of a proposed wind farm in the western part of the county remain unconvinced. More than 75 people attended a meeting Tuesday to discuss contracts offered to area landowners by Gestamp Wind North America. ...The company is offering landowners $14,000 per 400-foot turbine annually, a figure several people at the meeting said was above average for the area.
27 Aug 2009

Wind turbines' effect on environment; Turbines pump out energy but at a cost to wildlife

Wind energy seems like a win-win for the area, providing energy with low impact on the environment. But what happens to wildlife when wind turbines go up? Wind turbines produce enough clean energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes across the state. But Purdue University Associate Professor John Dunning said they could also pose a threat to animals that share the airspace.
26 Aug 2009

St. Joseph County adopts new wind energy ordinance

Energy generating wind turbines put up in St. Joseph County will soon have to conform to a new set of rules, aimed at keeping homeowners and their neighbors safe. The St. Joseph County Council passed the new regulations unanimously Tuesday. County leaders said they want the push toward "green" energy to continue, but not unchecked. ...But others say the regulations don't go far enough. They worry the windmills will still be too noisy, too visible, and could lower property values."
12 Aug 2009

Blowback: Indiana's emerging wind farms whip up controversy

The 200- to 300-foot-long blades on industrial windmills look almost whimsical from afar. They appear to turn slowly. People sometimes stop to take pictures. "They look cool," said Eric Burch, director of policy and outreach for the Indiana Office of Energy Development. The tips of those giant blades, however, move at speeds approaching 160 mph, creating forces that send low-frequency vibrations through the ground. People three-quarters of a mile away sometimes say they can feel the vibrations in their chests.
9 Aug 2009

Impact of turbines: Financially, 'it's enormous'

Among the first Indiana residents to experience life near industrial wind turbines, Buchanan has yet to arrive at a final judgment of his 260-foot-tall neighbors, which went operational in March. "They growl at you," he says. "The quiet of the rural area I have enjoyed most of my life, I probably will not be able to experience that again." ...Financially, "it's enormous," says Buchanan, who farms several thousand acres with family. "If you offer me the opportunity to have four towers that generate $30,000 to $40,000, that's a lot of corn and soybeans."
9 Aug 2009

Many youth indifferent on issue of coal

Proponents of alternative energy stress the production of alternative sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels. Others recognize the importance of coal to Indiana and prefer to explore development of clean coal technology. In any case, one trend is apparent: Despite widespread acknowledgment of a need to alter habits to protect the environment, many youths are apathetic about changing the status quo.
27 Jul 2009

Wind energy growth might be 'canceled'

One thing could slow down or halt the development of wind farms in Indiana, and it's not community opposition, government regulation, shortage of wind or lack of interest by developers. Getting the electricity generated by the wind to actual customers is shaping up as the biggest obstacle, experts said at the second annual WIndiana conference this week.
23 Jul 2009

Beware our latest gold rush: wind

Does anyone else hear an echo of the ethanol boom from three summers ago? ...All of this makes the effort to erect two giant wind farms in Boone County, the state's second-windiest locale, worth watching. Putting in the 300-foot turbines is one thing in sparsely populated Benton County, but as Boone County's executive director of the area plan commission, Steve Niblick, said: "We are different than other counties with wind farms."
16 Jul 2009

Boone County faces wind farm decision

About 40 persons have organized the Southern Boone Wind Group to negotiate with wind farm developers. Those persons, mostly living in Jackson, southern Jefferson and Harrison townships, own about 4,000 acres, said Kent Frandsen, the group's attorney. ...Before Boone County's wind resource can be harvested, though, the county must eliminate a ban on wind mills and write an ordinance regulating the potentially lucrative turbine farms.
16 Jul 2009

2 wind projects targeting Boone County kick up debate

Two European energy companies are locking up land leases for wind farms in Boone County that would bring industrial-size wind turbines into the Indianapolis metro area. One problem: Boone County's zoning laws prohibit wind turbines, so the proposals could ignite the most intense debate yet in Indiana over how to deal with the surging number of wind farms, which up until now have been relegated to rural counties in the northwestern part of the state.
15 Jul 2009

FB outlines wind farm issues

Understanding the basics of contract and property law are critical for Boone County landowners who are asked to lease their property for a wind farm, Indiana Farm Bureau representatives say. Jason Schneider, an IFB attorney, and Kelly L. Kepner, of the Purdue Extension Benton County office, gave a crash course in wind farm development concerns.
27 Jun 2009

Gauging the wind; Utility to examine feasibility of erecting turbines

Despite having the money allocated in its budget, Logansport Municipal Utilities will hold back on a $43,000 wind energy feasibility study in an area south of the city. At last week's Utility Service Board meeting, board vice president Todd Miller asked for a cost-benefit analysis before LMU moved ahead with the project. Miller said he had to be sure that it was money worth spending given the estimated $3 million cost of erecting a single wind turbine.
6 May 2009

Wind turbines spoil landscape

These hills will soon be covered with these grotesque towers; ruining the landscape that created a vision of what life was like on the prairie many years ago. Along these Benton County highways there were only telephone poles, barns, homes, and an occasional wooded area; thus allowing an unobstructed view of the horizon in all directions.
3 May 2009

Meeting focuses on wind energy

Get it in writing. That contractual advice and other tips for those wanting to profit from wind energy were offered Wednesday in Warsaw. Nearly 150 people gathered in the Shrine Building at the Kosciusko County Fairgrounds to learn about how commercial wind power can work for them. Turnout matched interest in the topic. Organizers had hoped for 80 to 90 attendees. People came from 16 counties, including Wayne County, Mich.
19 Apr 2009

Working with the wind

Following the lead of Benton and White counties to the west, government officials and the local utility company in Cass County are probing the possibility of wind energy here. Commissioner Gene Powlen confirmed the commission's desire to explore how the county fits into the wind energy scheme in Indiana.
18 Apr 2009

Zoning board says ‘yes' and ‘no' to windmills

Members of the Elkhart County Board of Zoning Appeals got a taste of the wind power debate during their meeting Thursday morning. One petitioner's bid for a wind-powered generator was granted and another denied. ...Anita Miller, a nearby neighbor of Ntende's, voiced her concerns over possible dangers, such as electrical surges or falling debris due to the proposed windmill's proximity to surrounding homes and electrical lines.
17 Apr 2009

Land owners, county officials discuss wind power

About 150 people from 13 Indiana counties and one Michigan county gathered Wednesday in the Shrine Building at the Kosciusko County Fairgrounds to talk about wind power. Most in attendance were farmers or other land owners interested in hearing how wind power development in the area could affect them.
16 Apr 2009
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