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UCI wind turbine broken in initial test

The Union City, Ind., wind turbine Tuesday experienced a failure of one of the rotor blade's tip brake mechanisms during commissioning and testing of the unit ...the failure will prevent the wind turbine from operating and producing electricity until the defective parts are repaired or replaced.
18 Feb 2010

City, county set wind energy fees

With the prospect of harnessing wind energy moving closer to reality in Cass County, planners have established fees for wind farms and towers. The Logansport Plan Commission voted Monday to set fees for wind energy equipment to accompany a wind ordinance created last year.
12 Feb 2010

Hamilton County to tackle wind-farm guidelines; Planners want to be ready for opportunity

The county's Plan Commission is considering drafting an ordinance to govern both commercial wind farms and wind generators for private use. Although no wind farm has been proposed for the county, officials want to be prepared. They've watched wind farms grow in other Central Indiana counties and also spur debate in neighboring Boone County, which also is trying to decide whether to allow wind farms.
11 Feb 2010

APC still collecting info on wind farm health issues

Before industrial wind turbine farms are allowed - or banned - in Boone County, local officials want information on whether or not the industry presents a health risk. Research into industrial wind turbine health issues continues, but nothing specific has been found, Rachel Whittington, interim executive director of the Boone County Area Plan Commission, said Friday.
10 Jan 2010

Legislature to tackle wind energy bill

Legislation that could bring more wind turbines and solar power projects to Indiana has a good chance of passing in the upcoming legislative session after failing in the last session's closing hours, two state lawmakers say. While the General Assembly seems unlikely to require Indiana utilities to generate a specific amount of electricity from renewable energy sources, it may expand the state's so-called net-metering policy.
28 Dec 2009

Purchase of wind turbine questioned

A State Board of Accounts audit report questions the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission's expenditure of $900,000 of property tax dollars on a 120-foot-tall wind turbine and 50 street lights to be powered by a combination of wind and sun. protesters criticized how the improvements were financed, describing it as "loosey goosey," "Enron-style" financing to evade state law.
18 Dec 2009

Wind turbine OK, judge rules

A Warrick County judge has ruled the 60-foot-tall wind turbine that Huntington Creek Subdivision resident David Johnson wants to build is OK under the county's zoning ordinance. ...The ruling concerned a variance granted to Johnson by the county's Board of Zoning Appeals in the spring.
25 Nov 2009

Carroll adopts rules for wind energy

The Carroll County Commissioners approved an ordinance Monday detailing rules and regulations for commercial wind energy developers. ...Setbacks, height restrictions, and pre-construction requirements, such as government clearances for historic structures and environmental issues, are part of the county's first ordinance about wind energy.
17 Nov 2009

Commissioners want wind farm health data

The Boone County Commissioners have asked the county health department to research the alleged health issues of wind turbines. Two developers want to build wind farms in Boone County. These plans have created both enthusiasm and opposition. "We are seeking some direction," Rachel Whittington, Boone County Area Plan Commission interim executive director, told the commissioners Monday. "We want to be careful what direction we want to take here."
28 Oct 2009

County sets rules for wind power as firm eyes Pleasant Township for turbines

The Porter County Commissioners on Tuesday approved two amendments to the county's Unified Development Ordinance establishing the county's first-ever regulations on wind energy systems. One ordinance spells out the rules for small-scale, individual turbines, and the other consists of regulations for large wind farms. TradeWind Energy, based in Kansas, is currently in the process of getting leases in place from property owners in south Porter County.
7 Oct 2009

Go with care on energy projects

Why not harvest seemingly limitless wind and sunlight and eliminate the pollution inherent to fossil fuels? Legendary Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens made much the same argument when he promoted wind energy and natural gas during an appearance at Indiana University this month. Yet, a national study issued in August by The Nature Conservancy, a not-for-profit whose mission is to protect ecologically sensitive land and water, raises yellow flags even for wind and solar-not to mention biofuels.
27 Sep 2009

Request to install up to 2 wind turbines goes to Hancock County zoning board Thursday

Windmills might be making a comeback in Hancock County as a handful of residents show interest in alternative forms of energy. County officials say at least three people have expressed interest in recent months in putting wind turbines on their property. However, officials also are weighing evidence about the drawbacks of wind power -- including possible ill health effects.
23 Sep 2009

Windmills help with energy, but at what cost?

Over the last several months, extensive arrays of thousands of windmills have been placed throughout the landscape of northwestern Indiana. Once located quite a far distance away from the roads , these windmill fields are now prominently visible along several highways just north of Lafayette. Along with the intense search for alternative sources for fuel currently being undertaken by several companies in the state, Indiana is beginning to do its part ...Unfortunately, the rush to place windmills throughout the corn fields along Indiana highways is not as innocent as it might first appear.
18 Sep 2009

Winding up

More than 150 people came to a public forum Tuesday night at the Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds to learn more about wind energy. Two companies, EnXco and Gestamp Wind North America, are interested in placing wind farms in Boone County.
10 Sep 2009

County readies wind mill ordinance

The Plan Commission voted Wednesday to send two new windmill ordinances to the County Commissioners for a vote Oct. 6. The need for the ordinances came about because Tradewinds, an Italian-backed power company, approached the county last winter about erecting up to 150 windmill towers on about 30,000 acres between Kouts and LaCrosse.
10 Sep 2009

Residents discuss wind farm contracts; Company offers landowners leases of $14,000 per turbine

A group of Boone County property owners believe the answer to the country's energy and other woes is blowing in the wind -- but opponents of a proposed wind farm in the western part of the county remain unconvinced. More than 75 people attended a meeting Tuesday to discuss contracts offered to area landowners by Gestamp Wind North America. ...The company is offering landowners $14,000 per 400-foot turbine annually, a figure several people at the meeting said was above average for the area.
27 Aug 2009

Wind turbines' effect on environment; Turbines pump out energy but at a cost to wildlife

Wind energy seems like a win-win for the area, providing energy with low impact on the environment. But what happens to wildlife when wind turbines go up? Wind turbines produce enough clean energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes across the state. But Purdue University Associate Professor John Dunning said they could also pose a threat to animals that share the airspace.
26 Aug 2009
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