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What to do with all that wind?

What we have here are miles and miles of visual pollution. Those who imagined that a wind farm would consist of a half dozen or so wind turbines scattered about in the boonies should take the drive. By some estimates, the hundreds of wind turbines produce enough energy to power a city of 250,000. Imagine what it would have to look like to power a city of 3 million.
30 Jun 2010

Boone County stalls wind-farm projects; 2 plans need support, push from residents

Two wind-farm proposals in western Boone County have been on hold for several months as county officials refuse to take the lead in either direction. Wind-farm developers Gestamp Wind North America and enXco have been offering some county landowners big money to lease land for the large wind turbines -- reportedly up to $14,000 per 400-foot turbine annually.
24 Jun 2010

Residents ask for moratorium on turbines

A group of rural Tippecanoe County residents who have lingering concerns over the impact of wind energy development asked county commissioners Monday to press "pause" in the process. Jim Pairitz, who lives on County Road 1200 South near West Point, asked for a moratorium on accepting applications or granting permits.
22 Jun 2010

Panelists address clean energy issues

A lot of people who grew up in the 1970s saw an increase in popularity of solar panels and wind turbines. But because the machines weren't properly installed or maintained and the technology lagged, they operated poorly, Tolen said. "A lot of us grew up skeptical," he said.
18 Jun 2010

Windmill proposal fails again

The Board of Zoning Appeals for the third time delayed a decision to approve three windmills in Evansville. ...John Briscoe voted no because of the proximity to residents. However, Peterlin said the board needs to update its zoning system.
18 Jun 2010

Retooling Michigan: Why is Indiana ahead of Michigan in building wind farms?

Michigan's goal is to get 10% of the state's power from alternative sources by 2015. Wind energy is sure to be a large part of that equation. But what is the potential for wind energy in Michigan? And what impact will wind turbines have on the surroundings, the workers, and the economy? There has been so much controversy about the possibility of installing wind turbines in Lake Michigan.
24 May 2010

IPL settles $190M dispute, resumes wind farm project

Indianapolis Power & Light and wind farm developer enXco have settled a contract dispute that mothballed construction of a facility in southwestern Minnesota. France-based EDF Energies Nouvelles, parent of enXco, said Monday that an agreement has been reached with IPL to resume work on the Lakefield, Minn., wind farm, from which IPL plans to buy 201 megawatts of power over 20 years. The project was announced last year.
18 May 2010

Wind farm rules to be updated

Wind farms have begun appearing in Benton and White counties in northwest Indiana, and Marshall County could be next. Looking ahead to that possibility, the Marshall County Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. Thursday on proposed ordinance changes for wind energy conversion systems and to raise the fee for commercial wind farm permits from $50 to $20,000.
19 Apr 2010

'Perfect storm' caused UC turbine malfunction

A "perfect storm" of three factors occurring at the same time resulted in the malfunction of Union City's wind turbine. That's the verdict experts from Nordic Windpower and Performance Services Inc. gave to Mayor Bryan Conklin and Randolph Eastern School Superintendent Cathy Stephen on April 7. ..."The malfunction resulted from a 'perfect storm' of three factors occurring at the same time."
16 Apr 2010

Ind. exports more wind power than it keeps

Indiana consumers are getting few benefits from wind-power energy produced here because most is being shipped out of state, a new report says. Indiana saw a 700 percent increase in total wind-generated power in 2009, an increase second only to Utah, according to the U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report.
11 Apr 2010

Officials head to Benton County to investigate windmill noise concerns

As debate continues in Tippecanoe County over windmill regulations, a pair of county building commission officials went to see -- and hear -- windmills for themselves this week. Building Commissioner Ron Highland and Ken Brown, deputy building commissioner, visited Benton County on Tuesday to learn more about wind turbine developments and take sound measurements.
1 Apr 2010

Group lobbies landowners against wind turbines

Alliance spokesperson Gwyer Moore says his committee has identified eight potential areas for turbines in these two areas which comprise about 800 acres on which wind turbines "could be placed according to government rules." These lands are part of a larger study area northwest of Grafton by wind farm developer Energy Farming Ontario Inc.
1 Apr 2010

Wind turbine tests inconclusive

The tests to determine what went wrong with Union City's wind turbine were inconclusive. During the turbine's original testing in February, the tip of one blade malfunctioned, and the blades were taken down for forensic testing by an independent source. The accident on State Route 227 as the turbine was in transit in January may have caused the damage. The semi trailer hauling the blade was long, and it evidently bottomed out on the road.
25 Mar 2010
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