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Wind farm battle blows into Huntington

Huntington County Surveyor and Plan Commissioner Jay Poe said anyone will be able to share their opinions, but several more steps need to happen before the ordinance could be changed. Poe said at this point, he doesn’t think many farmers have agreed to lease their land for the wind farms.  He said the farmland in southeast Huntington County is very fertile.
8 Mar 2014

Just take your ball and go home, juwi

This publicity is exactly what the wind companies wanted to avoid when they came in quickly and quietly to get leases signed and no one said a word. They and others like them (you can't begin to imagine how many more wind companies there are) understand that their business is controversial at best and damaging to the very communities they move into. They have done this a thousand times, and Big Wind knows from experience that people will stand and fight for their home value, health and safety.
6 Sep 2013

Prairie Breeze Wind Farm fight headed to court; BZA limits property value guarantee testimony.

Acres got into heated arguments with Mary Solada, attorney for juwi Wind, and Tim Ochs, who was representing the leaseholders. Acres asked if juwi was going to argue against a property value guarantee, to which Solada said it was an option. "We're not going to consider testimony to eliminate the property value guarantee," Acres said.
30 Aug 2013

Two states, two counties, two outcomes

My home state and my current state are embroiled in an issue that emotionally and physically impacts residents of two counties: Baldwin County in Alabama, and Howard County, where I live, in Indiana. ...The outcomes of the political process in the two counties are diametrically opposed, with one county voting to allow wind farms and the other voting against deployment of huge turbines.
10 Aug 2013

The negative effects of Wildcat turbines

Now we get to live with the green-energy monsters. They told us that they weren't noisy, but they are. They whine, they screech, they hum, and most of the time it sounds like the sky is full of jet aircraft. On different occasions they have awakened me in the middle of the night. They will nauseate you, they will disorient you.
8 Jul 2013

A tale of three counties and Indiana attitudes about wind farms: Scientific study or opinion piece from Purdue University?

The Whitley County Concerned Citizens (WCCC) reviewed the most recent Purdue pro-wind ‘study' that appears to be little more than an editorial from a public university. This study, referenced in an article published in the latest issue of Inside Indiana Business and making its way around the Internet (, claims to be ‘science-based' but is riddled with problems.
11 Apr 2013

Juwi changes wind turbine setbacks; Buffer zone created around Sharpsville

Members of Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development, which is attempting to halt the Prairie Breeze development, were not receptive to the buffer zones. "Our goal is to rewrite the [wind] ordinance to have no wind farms in Tipton County," Jeff Hoover said. "There are five wind farms planned for Tipton County. Right now, E.ON is signing up property owners in Jefferson and Cicero townships."
12 Feb 2013

Farming community against wind farm

The wind was blowing strong in Wells County Thursday night, but not the way the Plan Commission and Apex Wind Energy officials had hoped. ...A little over a dozen people raised their hands when asked who was in favor of the wind farm. Otherwise, almost all of the approximately 100 people that crowded the Southern Wells High School cafeteria were greatly opposed to the idea.
8 Dec 2011

Wind mill noise limit still up in air

As wind energy farms prepare to sprout in Tippecanoe County, some residents are fighting a proposal that would allow for more noise -- and they fear nuisance -- from the developments. "This is not just a 'I can't stand that mosquito' kind of noise," said county resident Julie Peretin. "This is about quality of life."
4 Dec 2010

Neighbors seek a role in crafting of wind energy ordinance for Whitley County citing safety concerns

"We may need to expend some funds to make sure we protect the county, our infrastructure and what we've spent over the years," Schrader said, adding that he and Whitley County Council president Kim Wheeler had been investigating the issue and talking with concerned neighbors. "We want to be sure we have it right and that we have the input of the people who are not in favor of this," Schrader added.
10 Nov 2010

What to do with all that wind?

What we have here are miles and miles of visual pollution. Those who imagined that a wind farm would consist of a half dozen or so wind turbines scattered about in the boonies should take the drive. By some estimates, the hundreds of wind turbines produce enough energy to power a city of 250,000. Imagine what it would have to look like to power a city of 3 million.
30 Jun 2010
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