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Windy debates: Each Indiana county has a different wind farm standard.

Residents in Howard County have recently begun urging the commissioners to change the setback requirements. Wind farm opponents are seeking a setback of 4,921 feet from non-participating property lines. The Tipton County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the proposed Prairie Breeze Wind Farm planned by juwi Wind with the requirement of a 1,500-foot setback from property lines.
17 May 2013

Wind battle blows into Howard County

For more than two hours Monday, the Howard County Commissioners heard from local and Tipton County residents opposed to wind farm development. The commissioners were asked to impose a moratorium on permitting or accepting new applications for the placement of wind farms in Howard County.
16 Apr 2013

A tale of three counties and Indiana attitudes about wind farms: Scientific study or opinion piece from Purdue University?

The Whitley County Concerned Citizens (WCCC) reviewed the most recent Purdue pro-wind ‘study' that appears to be little more than an editorial from a public university. This study, referenced in an article published in the latest issue of Inside Indiana Business and making its way around the Internet (, claims to be ‘science-based' but is riddled with problems.
11 Apr 2013

Tipton imposes wind moratorium; Vote has no effect on Prairie Breeze development

The moratorium will not affect the juwi Wind conditional use permit approved by the Tipton County Board of Zoning Appeals last month for the proposed Prairie Breeze Wind Farm or placement of meteorological towers. The moratorium will remain in place until Oct. 1 or until the county's wind ordinance is amended by the Plan Commission and approved by the commissioners.
9 Apr 2013

No wind farm here: commissioners look to ban commercial wind farms

Marshall County commissioners may have put the kibosh on a commercial wind farm in the area. Monday, commissioners decided they will have County Attorney Jim Clevenger draft a resolution to ban commercial wind farms in the county. Once the resolution is prepared, it will go to the Plan Commission for a vote, then several public hearings will be held before the ban can be made official.
4 Apr 2013

Juwi Wind Energy struggles with property value impacts

The Board of Zoning Appeals of Tipton County considered Juwi Wind's application for the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm. The Board members were not fooled on the property value question. The permit was approved but with a condition that the project have no impact on surrounding property values. The hearing was called to order at 5:00pm March 20, 2013. This exchange took place at around 1:30am on March 21. The hearing room was filled with residents, most of whom opposed the project.  Duration:4 minutes 40 seconds
1 Apr 2013

Wind energy moratorium to be considered; Tipton Plan Commission sets special meeting

The Tipton County Plan Commission has set a special meeting for 4:30 p.m. today in the first floor conference room of the Tipton County Courthouse. Included on the agenda is discussion of stopping any new wind farm applications on a temporary basis until lingering questions surrounding health and safety issues and protecting the property values of surrounding land owners are answered.
28 Mar 2013
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