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Windmill proposal fails again

The Board of Zoning Appeals for the third time delayed a decision to approve three windmills in Evansville. ...John Briscoe voted no because of the proximity to residents. However, Peterlin said the board needs to update its zoning system.
18 Jun 2010

Panelists address clean energy issues

A lot of people who grew up in the 1970s saw an increase in popularity of solar panels and wind turbines. But because the machines weren't properly installed or maintained and the technology lagged, they operated poorly, Tolen said. "A lot of us grew up skeptical," he said.
18 Jun 2010

Retooling Michigan: Why is Indiana ahead of Michigan in building wind farms?

Michigan's goal is to get 10% of the state's power from alternative sources by 2015. Wind energy is sure to be a large part of that equation. But what is the potential for wind energy in Michigan? And what impact will wind turbines have on the surroundings, the workers, and the economy? There has been so much controversy about the possibility of installing wind turbines in Lake Michigan.
24 May 2010

IPL settles $190M dispute, resumes wind farm project

Indianapolis Power & Light and wind farm developer enXco have settled a contract dispute that mothballed construction of a facility in southwestern Minnesota. France-based EDF Energies Nouvelles, parent of enXco, said Monday that an agreement has been reached with IPL to resume work on the Lakefield, Minn., wind farm, from which IPL plans to buy 201 megawatts of power over 20 years. The project was announced last year.
18 May 2010

Residents react to wind turbine idea

Wind turbines could soon come to Tippecanoe County. But at the commissioner meeting several people raised concerns about the ordinances the commissioners approved on first reading earlier this month. One ordinance involves protecting the county and citizens when it comes to constructing wind turbines.
16 Mar 2010

Termination of the Lakefield PPA by IPL

On March 1, enXco, the US subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles, received notification that the US utility Indianapolis Power and Light Company (IPL) would terminate the power purchase agreement related to the 201 MW Lakefield wind project currently under development (southwestern Minnesota).
16 Mar 2010

City, county set wind energy fees

With the prospect of harnessing wind energy moving closer to reality in Cass County, planners have established fees for wind farms and towers. The Logansport Plan Commission voted Monday to set fees for wind energy equipment to accompany a wind ordinance created last year.
12 Feb 2010

Hamilton County to tackle wind-farm guidelines; Planners want to be ready for opportunity

The county's Plan Commission is considering drafting an ordinance to govern both commercial wind farms and wind generators for private use. Although no wind farm has been proposed for the county, officials want to be prepared. They've watched wind farms grow in other Central Indiana counties and also spur debate in neighboring Boone County, which also is trying to decide whether to allow wind farms.
11 Feb 2010

APC still collecting info on wind farm health issues

Before industrial wind turbine farms are allowed - or banned - in Boone County, local officials want information on whether or not the industry presents a health risk. Research into industrial wind turbine health issues continues, but nothing specific has been found, Rachel Whittington, interim executive director of the Boone County Area Plan Commission, said Friday.
10 Jan 2010

Purchase of wind turbine questioned

A State Board of Accounts audit report questions the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission's expenditure of $900,000 of property tax dollars on a 120-foot-tall wind turbine and 50 street lights to be powered by a combination of wind and sun. protesters criticized how the improvements were financed, describing it as "loosey goosey," "Enron-style" financing to evade state law.
18 Dec 2009

Wind turbine OK, judge rules

A Warrick County judge has ruled the 60-foot-tall wind turbine that Huntington Creek Subdivision resident David Johnson wants to build is OK under the county's zoning ordinance. ...The ruling concerned a variance granted to Johnson by the county's Board of Zoning Appeals in the spring.
25 Nov 2009

Residents discuss wind farm contracts; Company offers landowners leases of $14,000 per turbine

A group of Boone County property owners believe the answer to the country's energy and other woes is blowing in the wind -- but opponents of a proposed wind farm in the western part of the county remain unconvinced. More than 75 people attended a meeting Tuesday to discuss contracts offered to area landowners by Gestamp Wind North America. ...The company is offering landowners $14,000 per 400-foot turbine annually, a figure several people at the meeting said was above average for the area.
27 Aug 2009

Blowback: Indiana's emerging wind farms whip up controversy

The 200- to 300-foot-long blades on industrial windmills look almost whimsical from afar. They appear to turn slowly. People sometimes stop to take pictures. "They look cool," said Eric Burch, director of policy and outreach for the Indiana Office of Energy Development. The tips of those giant blades, however, move at speeds approaching 160 mph, creating forces that send low-frequency vibrations through the ground. People three-quarters of a mile away sometimes say they can feel the vibrations in their chests.
9 Aug 2009

Many youth indifferent on issue of coal

Proponents of alternative energy stress the production of alternative sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels. Others recognize the importance of coal to Indiana and prefer to explore development of clean coal technology. In any case, one trend is apparent: Despite widespread acknowledgment of a need to alter habits to protect the environment, many youths are apathetic about changing the status quo.
27 Jul 2009
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