Library from Illinois

Illinois Wind farm moves forward in Knox County 7 May
Illinois Will pandemic short-circuit Illinois clean energy reform? 11 Apr
Illinois Wind farm angers residents who live near turbines in McDonough, Warren counties 6 Mar
Illinois Residents air concerns about wind farm plan 14 Feb
Illinois Wind farm gets second rejection from DeWitt County Zoning Board 7 Feb
Illinois Wind project is looking to expand its reach 3 Feb
Illinois Testing the wind: Colorado company eyeing potential for renewable energy farm near Albany 24 Jan
Illinois Bats live mostly out of sight and out of mind. But their falling numbers are a reason to look up and worry, scientists say 1 Nov 2019
Illinois Wind farm opponents learn about the impact of wind turbines 11 Oct 2019
Illinois Recent surveys find few of once-common bat species 10 Sep 2019
Illinois As wind energy thrives, so does its waste problem 4 Sep 2019
Illinois Monroe County slows wind farm plan along Mississippi River 25 Aug 2019
Illinois First ruling in Henry County wind farm case now in judge's hands. He will rule on submitted motion to dismiss 23 Aug 2019
Illinois Moratorium could delay or stop controversial wind farm on Monroe County bluffs 21 Aug 2019
Illinois ‘Tilt-fell’ wind tower removal gets new life; Board votes to leave the option up to landowners 16 Aug 2019
Illinois Village of Longview, 50 individuals file suit over new Douglas County wind farm 1 Aug 2019
Illinois Wind-turbine setbacks still an unresolved issue in Ford County 30 Jul 2019
Illinois Wind developers move forward to seek permits 28 Jul 2019
Illinois Morgan board approves wind ordinance 23 Jul 2019
Illinois Wind farm participants may see lease transfers 19 Jul 2019
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