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Sierra Club answers review request - Response asks board to leave permit deal intact

The Sierra Club on Tuesday asked the U.S. Environmental Appeals Board to leave intact City Water, Light and Power's construction permit for its new coal-fired generator, which includes the purchase of wind power and emissions reductions the environmental group negotiated. Its filing is in response to Springfield developer David Maulding's request last week that the appeals board review the permit and strip it of the Sierra Club-negotiated requirements.
13 Sep 2006

Gov. Blagojevich unveils ambitious energy independence plan

Gov. Blagojevich unveils ambitious energy independence plan to reduce Illinois’ reliance on foreign oil. Governor’s plan would meet 50 percent of state’s motor fuel needs with alternative homegrown sources made from crops and coal by 2017. Illinois would be the first state to achieve this level of energy independence; Governor sets goal of replacing 50% of our energy supply with homegrown fuels. Plan to triple ethanol production and invest in clean coal technology will create 30,000 new downstate jobs and save consumers billions of dollars
22 Aug 2006

Illinois coal could help land FutureGen

SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois could have an advantage over Texas in the sweepstakes to land a $1 billion, nearly pollution-free power plant, the chief of the state’s coal association said Tuesday. Phil Gonet, director of the Illinois Coal Association, said Illinois’ abundant coal fields could give two sites in Illinois the leg up over two sites in Texas in the contest to land the FutureGen power plant project.
25 Jul 2006

Misplaced Faith In Wind Energy

Unless Massachusetts residents take on the challenge, they will see millions of dollars transferred from their pockets through higher prices for electricity and taxes to the pockets of companies that own wind farms. Billions of capital investment dollars will be spent on projects that produce tiny amounts of electricity, electricity that is unreliable and low in quality and value.
14 Dec 2005
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