Articles from Illinois

Illinois Meetings to improve communication - Departmental meetings are aimed at avoiding more controversial public meetings 8 Feb 2006
Illinois City supports research into wind farm - Abingdon Council approves $2,000, if money needed 7 Feb 2006
Illinois Much to do before wind power harnessed - Zoning, monitoring, marketing precede development 5 Feb 2006
Illinois Wind farm meets fresh resistance - Ogle County landowner sues to stop development 27 Jan 2006
Illinois Proposal seeks to smooth tax assessments of wind farms 27 Jan 2006
Illinois Federal suit filed to stop Ogle wind farm project 26 Jan 2006
Illinois City planners to give wind machines a whirl 24 Jan 2006
Illinois Counties share wind tower ordinance ideas - Warren, Mercer follow Henry County lead 14 Jan 2006
Illinois Board OKs wind farm zoning 13 Jan 2006
Illinois Naperville's 'Green' Energy Program Crawling 6 Jan 2006
Illinois Solar energy firm to build wind farm 4 Jan 2006
Illinois Ogle approves wind farm plan 21 Dec 2005
Illinois County board will vote on wind farm 20 Dec 2005
Illinois Court rejects Boone County wind-farm review 15 Dec 2005
Illinois Massachusetts Misplaced Faith In Wind Energy 14 Dec 2005
Illinois Second wind farm proposed 11 Dec 2005
Illinois Navitas Energy likely to apply for zoning permits in first half of 2006 6 Dec 2005
USA Illinois John Deere project turns gears for wind farms 30 Nov 2005
Illinois Public Hearing for Wind Farm in Ogle Co. 17 Nov 2005
Illinois Boone wind-farm backers file court challenge to county ruling 15 Nov 2005
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