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Vermilion County board still up in air on wind turbine rules

The issue of wind turbines remained up in the air on Thursday as the panel assembled to discuss the issue adjourned without a decision. Selected county board members as well as other community representatives meet at noon Thursday to discuss comments and information provided by residents who attended a public forum on Monday regarding wind turbines.
19 Apr 2013

Greenville citizens object to wind farm

Ten of the 19 proposed turbines would violate Bureau County Zoning ordinances, mostly on being too close to homes, property lines and housing communities like Normandy. The developers have asked for variances to these ordinances. It is curious that developers could not find other spots for these 10 turbines in the thousands of surrounding acres.
17 Sep 2012

Board prohibits wind energy in village

The Village Board unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday that prohibits electric-generating wind devices from being located within the village, said village Trustee Anthony Stepansky. However, residents living within a 1.5-mile radius of the community can. The device cannot be taller than 75 feet and must generate power that is exclusive to the property.
1 Jun 2012

Outdated wind turbine setbacks need lengthening

The Lee County Zoning Board ...blatantly ignored its statutory responsibilities by recommending that the current 12-year-old, 1,400-foot setback distance between homes and wind turbines remain unchanged. ...this recommendation was made with absolutely no consideration or compassion for the harmful health effects that today's huge wind turbines would wreak upon Township families.
23 Feb 2012

Regulating the wind ... turbines

Committee member Ron VonHolten suggested several changes, including eliminating a section that would have allowed shadow flicker problems to be addressed with plantings or awnings. He also said complaints should include shutting down the turbine from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. until the problem is fixed. "If it's noise issues, you can't say, ‘Well, in 60 days, I get to sleep,'" he said.
3 Nov 2011
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