Articles from Illinois

Illinois Wind-farm developers: 'We will go elsewhere' if rules too restrictive 7 Dec 2018
Illinois A wind farm could be coming to Southern Illinois. Why are environmentalists trying to stop it? 7 Dec 2018
Illinois Judge denies wind-farm developer's request for injunction on township's rules 5 Dec 2018
Illinois Wind-farm developer seeking injunction on Douglas County township's ordinance 4 Dec 2018
Illinois EDF has no immediate wind energy project plans after DeKalb County ordinance passed 29 Nov 2018
Illinois DeKalb County approves tough wind ordinance 22 Nov 2018
Illinois DeKalb County Board approves ordinance for wind energy development 21 Nov 2018
Illinois Survey to determine wind energy forum focus 20 Nov 2018
Illinois Final wind ordinance vote expected during DeKalb County Board meeting Wed. 19 Nov 2018
Illinois County board to discuss wind ordinance at Dec. 4 special meeting 13 Nov 2018
Illinois Wind-farm rule revisions advance to Ford County Board 6 Nov 2018
Illinois How a county election in rural Illinois became a referendum on wind energy 5 Nov 2018
Illinois Wind ordinance changes set for Thursday vote 1 Nov 2018
Illinois Mass-mailing of political flyers irks Ihrkes 26 Oct 2018
Illinois Planning and Zoning Committee OKs wind ordinance recommendations 24 Oct 2018
Illinois DeKalb County hearing officer recommends approval for wind ordinance 23 Oct 2018
Illinois County Board approves wind farms 19 Oct 2018
Illinois Developer seeks extension of special-use permit for wind farm 11 Oct 2018
Illinois Same rhetoric at latest public hearing on wind farms 10 Oct 2018
Illinois Morgan Co. Board not accepting wind farm applications until ordinance is updated 9 Oct 2018
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