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Suzlon considers foreclosure on Illinois wind farm

The average 24-hour price near Big Sky last year was about $35 a megawatt-hour, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Including tax credits and a government clean-energy cash grant, Big Sky may have earned an average of $67 a megawatt-hour last year, BNEF’s Grace estimated. The project probably needs to earn $80 a megawatt-hour on average over its lifetime to meet a 10 percent hurdle rate, or the minimum acceptable rate of return for an investor, she said.
21 Feb 2014

Debt woes could put big Illinois wind farm in turbine maker's lap

Suzlon agreed in 2009 to finance the project's debt despite the fact that Big Sky didn't have a long-term contract to sell its power at a price that would have ensured its costs would be covered. Project loans by turbine manufacturers aren't unheard of, but they typically are made when there's a long-term power purchase contract in place.
6 Feb 2014

Company confident on proposed wind farm, despite lawsuit

A Minnesota company could start construction on the proposed Green River wind farm in Whiteside and Lee counties late this year or in 2015, a company executive said Thursday. A similar timeline exists for the Walnut Ridge farm in northern Bureau County, which Geronimo bought last year, said Tim Polz, the company’s vice president.
24 Jan 2014

Wind farm plans still moving forward

Chris Nickell, vice president of site establishment for Springfield Project Development, said Wednesday that plans for the wind farm had to be redrawn after the Sangamon County Board changed the zoning rules last year and required that large wind turbines had to be farther from property lines and houses.
31 Oct 2013

Wind farm owner says progress being made in legal dispute with township

McGrath said “clearly Sheldon Township has given (E.On) significantly more than a reasonable opportunity to complete the necessary repairs.” McGrath noted that concerns about deficient road work had been raised by Yana since September 2011, two months before the wind farm was even finished. E.On, in court filings, denies that it breached the contract but argues that Sheldon Township did.
24 Oct 2013

Wind farm debate still going strong in Boone county

He said the 1,500-foot setback from the property lines “is a good compromise.” However, the current ordinance doesn’t look at the height of the wind turbines, which he said have grown over the years. Some can reach up to 500 feet. “We want to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the residents as well as the property values of land owners,” he said.
7 Oct 2013

Wind farm owner sued for $1.8M

The lawsuit claims the work, which was required to be done by E.On as part of a "road upgrade and maintenance agreement," remains "deficient." The poor roads cover a five-mile radius, the suit states.
22 Jul 2013

Wind farm construction stalls in La Salle County

Iberdrola Renewables first started looking at La Salle County in 2006. "In part, the challenge we are facing in Illinois and nationally is the lingering effect of the recession, which has resulted in a lack of demand for new electricity," said Paul Copleman, spokesman for Iberdrola. will not start until Iberdrola is able to secure a long-term agreement from an electricity purchaser.
15 Jul 2013

Iroquois County Board approves more restrictions on wind farms

The Iroquois County Board approved more restrictive wind farm regulations Tuesday, focusing on health, safety and property rights of residents. ... Board member Marvin Stichnoth, a lifelong Stockland Township resident, focused on health issues. "I think of my neighbors... praying that the wind doesn't blow so they can get a decent night's sleep ... praying for cloudy days so they don't get shadow flicker that causes nausea and headaches for many people. ...
11 Jul 2013

Wind shift ahead in Lee County?

A third of Lee County Board members have taken a stand on the controversial proposal for a wind farm in the county's southwestern corner. The rest either are undecided or haven't returned Sauk Valley Media's calls for comment. The 24-member board will vote on the wind farm Tuesday.
18 May 2013

Lee County wind: Board leader pushes compromise

The chairman of the Lee County Board still supports a proposed wind farm, but he is pushing a compromise that would include strong conditions on the project. Rick Ketchum, D-Amboy, said he and others are working on the conditions. He provided few details.
17 May 2013
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