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Wind power company secures land leases-Developer plans 266 towers for Henry County

CAMBRIDGE - About 35,000 acres of land in Henry County have been leased to a wind energy company that hopes to bring 266 wind towers to the area. Michael Arndt, development manager with Wisconsin-based Invenergy LLC, told the Henry County Board on Tuesday night his company will soon meet with the county's planning committee and Zoning Board of Appeals to formally request special use permits for the towers.
14 Sep 2006

Woodford board backs zoning specialist

EUREKA - As development grows in Woodford County, so does the need for more personnel to monitor zoning-related issues, a majority of the County Board believes. With a 7-4 vote Tuesday, the County Board voted to scrap a plan that would have eliminated a zoning specialist from the county's tentative fiscal year 2007 budget.
14 Sep 2006

Sierra Club answers review request - Response asks board to leave permit deal intact

The Sierra Club on Tuesday asked the U.S. Environmental Appeals Board to leave intact City Water, Light and Power's construction permit for its new coal-fired generator, which includes the purchase of wind power and emissions reductions the environmental group negotiated. Its filing is in response to Springfield developer David Maulding's request last week that the appeals board review the permit and strip it of the Sierra Club-negotiated requirements.
13 Sep 2006

Woodford wind farm's 'big kink' - Company says it won't pay townships $200,000

BENSON - A wind farm developer who wants to construct a 79-turbine farm in rural Woodford County has been asked by three townships to pony up an additional $200,000, according to the company. But Minneapolis-based Navitas Energy will not pay any kind of inducement fee, or extra money requested by the townships, thereby throwing a "big kink" in the overall wind farm project.
11 Sep 2006

Wind farms are complicated deal

ELLSWORTH - Building a wind farm is not as simple as putting up some windmills and waiting for the wind to blow. The wind farm under construction in McLean County, about 15 miles east of Bloomington, has involved almost five years of planning, permitting, negotiating with local governments and landowners and improving roads and other infrastructure.
20 Aug 2006

Wind farm proposal to be reviewed

BENSON - Heavy truck loads rumbling into Woodford County and carrying the pieces that compose large wind turbines could damage rural roads, officials said Friday. Because of this concern, the three townships affected by a proposed 79-turbine wind farm project northeast of Benson want to formally approve the project themselves before it moves forward.
5 Aug 2006

LIVINGSTON COUNTY Wind farm regulation still an issue, as Woodland looks at building an energy turbine

Livingston County recently amended its zoning ordinance to regulate tower height, setback zoning, lighting, noise level, and other variables concerning wind towers. But the county board wants to further regulate wind energy conversion systems before they crop up in Livingston County, and has a committee in place studying the issue.
15 May 2006

Warren County Board adopts new zoning regulations

MONMOUTH - Warren County leaders want to be prepared if a wind energy developer decides to build turbines in the region. With a wind energy developer interested in Warren County, zoning officials spent the last several months researching the issue and creating an ordinance that regulates wind energy systems. The Warren County Board unanimously approved the ordinance Wednesday.
20 Apr 2006
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