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Turbines, money and neighbors

Following a three-hour meeting before a standing room only audience, the Walnut Planning Commission decided to postpone any decision on wind turbines outside the village limits. "We need to be educated ourselves," said Commissioner Gary Sarver. "I would just like to have a little more information."
6 Aug 2011

Public airs views on wind farm

Ed Layden of Hoopeston said wind farm representatives had visited his farm, but had only spoke in generalities. "I want specifics," he said, pointing to issues such as effects on field tiles. "These are the kind of things, as farmers, that are important."
9 Apr 2011

Wind firm makes 'final offer'

Mark Wagner, a supporter of greater wind farm regulations in Lee County, said the letter is the "same old story." "They say the problems won't happen, and then they do," he said. "They don't remediate the problems because you have to physically move the turbines; they won't do that. They'll pay you off and keep you quiet. That's the pattern we're seeing."
31 Mar 2011

Should the voters decide?

Anderson said she never had problems with television reception or shadow flickering before the Big Sky wind farm went on line. She is also hearing about some people having health issues, like migraine headaches and nausea, from wind farms.
12 Mar 2011

Wind Farm Complaints

"As the sun comes across the sky, it hits the turbine blades and causes this flicker," she said. Nearby homeowners say it can go on for hours. "When it first happened, we felt there was something wrong with the electricity because it felt like every light was blinking,"said Barb Draper. "On, off, on, off as the blade caught the sun it made a very disturbing motion. It almost made you sick to your stomach." added Bob Draper.
1 Mar 2011

Wind farms causing problems in Bureau County

"It sounds like an airport at my house and I live in the country," Al Harris, an Ohio resident for eight years, said. "You can't go outside and enjoy the peace and quiet," Deb Anderson, a 16-year resident of Ohio, said. ...The giant arms of the turbines cast spinning shadows over their homes and through their windows all day long. And the noise is 10 to 20 decibels over the maximum allowed amount.
27 Feb 2011

County board restricts wind farm projects

There will be no large wind farms or towering energy turbines on the horizon for unincorporated Lake County, after the County Board voted Tuesday to bar such facilities from its development ordinance. The 17-5 vote came after almost two years of county study on the issue and left some northern Lake County residents who had fought against allowing commercial wind farms overjoyed.
9 Feb 2011

Trouble brewing for wind farms?

After hearing complaints at Tuesday night's meeting from Ohio residents Todd and Deb Anderson about the Big Sky wind farm, the Bureau County Board discussed the need to re-evaluate the county's zoning ordinances, especially in regards to wind farms, as well as the possible need to place a moratorium on any future building of wind farms in Bureau County.
16 Dec 2010

Bureau County wind farm disrupts daily life

Todd and Deb Anderson addressed the Bureau County Board Tuesday with complaints of poor television reception since the activation of the wind turbines that have been erected around their home this year, prompting board members to discuss imposing a moratorium on future wind farm developments in the county.
15 Dec 2010

Wind turbine project debated

"(Turbine project coordinators) haven't talked to the residents and they are the number one concern when it comes to a project like this," Stevenson said. "To construct a plan without consulting the residents is absolutely the wrong way to go about this." Along with that involvement is a call for further studies to be done, and the assurance that the project is in compliance with the Wind Energy Systems regulations.
7 Dec 2010

Which way does the wind blow?

"I've stood at the bottom of a wind tower and had an excruciating headache," said Tannahill. "The noise that comes off of these things keeps people awake at night. People's ears ring. They develop vertigo. There's flicker that comes off of these things that comes into people's homes."
4 Nov 2010

Big money and Big Sky

According to the first nuisance complaint of the lawsuit, all four farms have decreased and will continue to decrease in value due to the "planned and imminent development, construction and operation of the Big Sky wind farm." In addition, the development will make it more difficult to lease the rental home on one of the properties.
9 Jul 2010

What to do with all that wind?

What we have here are miles and miles of visual pollution. Those who imagined that a wind farm would consist of a half dozen or so wind turbines scattered about in the boonies should take the drive. By some estimates, the hundreds of wind turbines produce enough energy to power a city of 250,000. Imagine what it would have to look like to power a city of 3 million.
30 Jun 2010
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