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County to propose tougher restructions for wind farms

"The subcommittee feels it has finished its charge. That concludes our work," said Bill Welty, chairman of the Subcommittee on Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems, at the close of the meeting. Included in the new draft are setbacks nearly twice the state's longest and a noise pollution clause that requires all turbines to impose a marginal five decibel change on typical background sounds.
5 Aug 2010

Wind farm opponents site concerns for crop dusting

The Warren County Board will have a special meeting 7 p.m. Thursday at the courthouse to allow testimony on the proposed Monarch Wind Power project between Monmouth and Roseville. ...Opponents of the proposed wind farm on and near the county farm between Monmouth and Roseville remain steadfast. A group calling themselves Warren County Informed sent a mailing this week to county residents encouraging citizens to speak out against the project.
4 Aug 2010

Power lines fall on car after accident, trapping 2 teens

Jessi Creasey, 16, and her passenger, Dani Creasey, 13, were traveling westbound on Empire when a support car with a wind-turbine transportation company traveling eastbound apparently knocked down some low-hanging wires. The support car and semi stopped a safe distance away, said officials with the Bloomington Police Department.
3 Aug 2010

Ameren proposes major transmission line construction

"There are now 5,000 megawatts of wind generation seeking to connect to the Ameren transmission system in Missouri and Illinois. Because of our central location, our transmission facilities are becoming a thoroughfare for routing wind power from other areas as well," Maureen Borkowski, CEO of the newly formed Ameren Transmission Co. (ATX), said in a conference call.
3 Aug 2010

Local residents oppose wind farm in their backyards

More than 50 people packed a room in the Bonneville County Court House Wednesday night to attend a public hearing about the Meadow Creek Wind Farm project that Ridgeline Energy wants to build. There would be 75 400-foot high windmills built northeast of Idaho Falls near the Ririe Reservoir.
29 Jul 2010

An Ill Wind? -- Broken turbine blades bother nearby resident

Ellsworth came from Germany to live in rural Marseilles 17 years ago with her husband, who is from Morris. She researched the operating record of towers, primarily in Germany, where she said they have much longer experience. As a result of this experience, she said Germans never erect wind towers any closer to a home than one mile. "Blades can tear off and be like missiles," she said.
28 Jul 2010

Wind turbine idea in Hanover Park likely dead

But residents who threw out terms like "visual pollution" and "property value nightmare" can relax - the likelihood of an industrial-size turbine in town is nil now that Keeneyville Elementary District 20 joined a partnership on the verge of building a rural wind farm.
28 Jul 2010

Did blowing winds break the blades?

Miner said crews are examining the two towers to see if there is any damage to other components. At any rate, a crane will be brought in and the blades replaced. The replacement process will take at least a few weeks. About one year ago, another blade broke in the same area. In that case, high wind caused the damage.
27 Jul 2010

Draft revisions to Adams County wind farm ordinance includes increase setback

Noted changes mentioned in a news release issued by McLaughlin include increasing the setback from nonparticipating property owners from 1,000 to 1,320 feet. ..."We want to make sure we got some things in there that protect the county and the people in Adams County, but also we want to make it friendly enough that we don't run the developers away," McLaughlin said.
24 Jul 2010

County gets wind farm update

The McDonough County Board was told Wednesday that options have been signed for 22,000 acres of land in McDonough, Warren, and Henderson counties for placement of about 266 wind turbines. ...Oregon-based Element Power purchased the project from Wisconsin-based EcoEnergy in December and the local project is now called Cardinal Point.
23 Jul 2010

Woodford Co. approves permit for first wind farm

The Woodford County Board voted 9-3 Tuesday in favor of a special-use permit for 75 turbines in the county for Minonk Wind Farm LLC. One member abstained due to a conflict of interest. The Livingston County Board already has granted permission for the project's 25 turbines west of Flanagan on its side of the county line.
21 Jul 2010

Streator-area wind farm foes make their objections known

"We are sinking every penny we can and our sweat equity into our house, and we want to know that if we have to sell it, we will get its full value," said Ransom-area hobby farmer Melinda Cusack about her concerns over the planned wind farm. Cusack said that under the current plan, four turbines would be built on one side of her property, a high-power transmission line would run over her front yard, and a substation would be half a mile away.
16 Jul 2010

Woodford wind farm proposal under fire

Glazier believes Krug is circumventing the public hearing procedure by having board members submit questions before the public meeting. He has been campaigning to reopen public hearings on the project, which he says has changed far beyond its original description in the application for a special use permit and as presented during the public meetings.
16 Jul 2010

Barnard clarifies that comments to County Board about wind energy development were 'heads up'

Barnard told board members he received an anonymous letter from a local resident who reported there are rumors going around that some board members or their relatives may have signed leases offered by wind farm developers. If that's the case, Barnard said "that County Board member has a duty to disclose that and abstain from voting because that's a conflict of interest per se."
14 Jul 2010

Big money and Big Sky

According to the first nuisance complaint of the lawsuit, all four farms have decreased and will continue to decrease in value due to the "planned and imminent development, construction and operation of the Big Sky wind farm." In addition, the development will make it more difficult to lease the rental home on one of the properties.
9 Jul 2010
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