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Lee puts brakes on wind projects

The Lee County Board this week passed a 6-month moratorium on all commercial wind turbine permitting and instructed its Zoning Board of Appeals to examine wind farm regulations. The vote was 20-4. The actions are in response to mounting pressure from residents in and around existing and proposed developments.
24 Sep 2010

Wind energy costing CWLP customers

Ward 1 Ald. Frank Edwards said this week that aldermen were assured the utility would break even on wind power. He said the city should consider getting out of the agreements and pursue sue the Sierra Club for damages. "Somebody needs to be held accountable," he said. "I just don't think it's fair that the people of this community are forced to bear this kind of burden."
20 Sep 2010

U.S. wrestling with property values and setbacks for its wind turbines

Use effects include the loss of peaceful use and enjoyment of homesteads for many turbine neighbours, and there is evi­dence that livestock has been adversely impacted by the noise from turbines, ranging from death (goats in Taiwan) to reproductive disorders (in Wis­consin) and behavioral changes and irritability of horses and cattle. Those may also repre­sent cost effects, in some cases, or other forms of financial impact.
18 Sep 2010

Village extends moratorium on wind turbines

Libertyville Mayor Terry Weppler said the village board felt it was appropriate to extend the moratorium for another six months because Lake County is currently drafting a model ordinance which establishes standards for the siting ...The county is currently reviewing proposed amendments to its unified development ordinance regarding wind energy.
16 Sep 2010

Wind debate blowing throughout local communities in Adams County

"Trustees are in the process of seeing what kind of legal action can be taken to keep the turbines outside the mile-and-a-half radius," said Roger Flesner, village president. "There's some different interpretations of the state law. Some lawyers say you have to have zoning and a comprehensive plan, some of them say you don't need zoning."
11 Sep 2010

Clayton trustees receive petition against wind energy

Village trustees received a petition containing 196 signatures against the development of wind energy within village limits and the 1.5-mile radius surrounding the village's zoning jurisdiction. ...Acciona representative, Chip Readling said the zoning radius around Clayton would eliminate a lot of land from the area, forcing it to realign their turbine alignment.
9 Sep 2010

Village of Golden receives citizen petition, acts to prevent wind development in 1.5 mile zone around city

Noting the clear mandate from the citizens of Golden, the Village of Golden Board of Trustees passed a motion that stated that it is in the best interest of the Village of Golden and its residents to implement the provisions of Illinois State Law 65 ILCS 5/11-13-26 and proceed immediately to prohibit the construction of the wind turbines (as specified by the Adams County Wind Ordinance) within the 1.5 mile radius surrounding the Village of Golden's municipal limits.
9 Sep 2010

McLean Co. wind farm gets conditional OK

Among the conditions is the omission of three planned turbines in the path of a private air strip east of Lexington. ...The air strip in question is located on the property of Paul Kruse, owner and operator of Aerial Crop Service of Colfax. On Tuesday, Kruse testified that the turbines would obstruct takeoffs and landings.
26 Aug 2010

Board to hold hearing on proposed wind farm

Horizon is asking for a special-use permit that would allow up to 223 turbines, each standing up to 499 feet. The proposed Bright Stalk Wind Farm would produce between 300 and 400 megawatts of wind energy, enough to power between 90,000 and 120,000 homes. The turbines would be placed on 225 to 240 homesteads.
16 Aug 2010
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