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Wind turbines plan debated

“It’s cute and I understand the need and desire, but I think the money could be spent on better plans,” Glasgow said. “{Other projects may be} renewable and green but not as sexy as turbines but in the end save taxpayers money.” Wind turbines are often criticized for their look, noise levels and slow return on investment.
13 Nov 2010

Panel wants deeper wind farm setbacks

Under the regulations approved Tuesday, the setbacks of 250 percent would be required for towers with heights ranging from 175 feet to the maximum of 400 feet. The County Board is expected to discuss and vote on the recommended regulations next Tuesday.
11 Nov 2010

Lawsuit has plans for Winnebago County wind farm on hold

That lawsuit was filed in Winnebago County by Patricia Muscarello, an Arizona resident who owns Watts Farm, Hilton Farm and Ross Farm, which collectively comprise more than 400 acres near German Valley. Muscarello's property is near an area where Navitas Energy Corp. would erect more than 100 wind turbines.
8 Nov 2010

Which way does the wind blow?

"I've stood at the bottom of a wind tower and had an excruciating headache," said Tannahill. "The noise that comes off of these things keeps people awake at night. People's ears ring. They develop vertigo. There's flicker that comes off of these things that comes into people's homes."
4 Nov 2010

Iberdrola land lease: Heartland Wind LLC

Iberdrola_wind_lease_illinois_thumb This wind energy lease agreement was negotiated between Iberdrola Renewables (operating as Heartland Wind LLC) and landowners in Livingston County, Illinois. The agreement was accepted into the public record by the County zoning board.
4 Nov 2010

Wind could be on the rise in Cass

"That has a lot to do with how the interconnect study comes back and the impact study comes back," Cumberworth said. "We're getting close. I've done 16 preliminary designs already. Every time we acquire more land, everything changes."
1 Nov 2010

Local wind farm plans approved

“We [at the Industrial Wind Action Group] are very concerned that projects in Illinois and across the US are being sited based on incomplete data, and thus approvals are being granted according to opinion and not on the best available information,” Linowes said.
1 Nov 2010

County board extendes windfarm moratorium

Commercial wind farms in Ogle County got another setback Tuesday when the county board extended a moratorium on granting permit applications. By a 21-1 vote, the board added six months to the moratorium adopted last spring, stretching the temporary hold to June 30 of next year.
21 Oct 2010

Evanston tilts favorably toward wind farms

City Council members moved closer to backing a plan for the city manager to convene a review committee to review proposals of two firms that are proposing to develop the farms. Two firms, Off Grid Technologies Inc. and Mercury Wind Energy, responded to the city's request for proposals.
12 Oct 2010

Lee puts brakes on wind projects

The Lee County Board this week passed a 6-month moratorium on all commercial wind turbine permitting and instructed its Zoning Board of Appeals to examine wind farm regulations. The vote was 20-4. The actions are in response to mounting pressure from residents in and around existing and proposed developments.
24 Sep 2010
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