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Third wind turbine blade breaks in East Central Illinois

  For the third time in 17 months, a wind turbine blade manufactured by General Electric has broken off at an East Central Illinois wind farm. The latest incident occurred about 9 p.m. Nov. 20 in Vermilion County at the California Ridge Wind Farm operated by Chicago-based Invenergy. Another turbine blade broke in that same wind farm in November 2012, following a June 2012 blade break at the Settlers Trail Wind Farm near Sheldon.
22 Nov 2013

Wind farm complaint

Suzlon Energy Ltd. filed its complaint against Big Sky earlier this year claiming Big Sky improperly refused to make a prepayment for turbines supplied to Big Sky. The Ohio-based wind farm bought 114 Suzlon turbines in October 2009 for the Big Sky project.
30 Nov 2012

Firm tries to find why wind turbine blade broke

The firm that operates the recently built California Ridge Wind Farm in Vermilion and Champaign counties said it is looking into how a wind turbine's blade broke on Tuesday night. Chicago-based Invenergy LLC released a statement Wednesday, saying that one of the wind farm's 134 turbines "experienced a broken blade last night" but how the damage occurred was not immediately known.
29 Nov 2012

Crop dusters worried about wind farm impact

If wind turbines are allowed under that ordinance, tens of thousands of acres of farmland may become untreatable, he said. That's because the planes need enough room to safety navigate and make turns, he said. If wind turbines go up, companies that contract for farmers' crops may move production elsewhere, Cady warned.
11 Jun 2011

Minnesota wind energy firm faces $378,000 fine

The technician suffered third-degree burns in the accident at the Iberdrola Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Farm near Odell, Ill. An investigation by OSHA found Outland didn't ensure technicians placed locks and tags on ground-level switches. A worker flipped a switch, energizing a transformer while the technician was working 350 feet above.
19 Apr 2011

Power lines fall on car after accident, trapping 2 teens

Jessi Creasey, 16, and her passenger, Dani Creasey, 13, were traveling westbound on Empire when a support car with a wind-turbine transportation company traveling eastbound apparently knocked down some low-hanging wires. The support car and semi stopped a safe distance away, said officials with the Bloomington Police Department.
3 Aug 2010
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