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Residents sue over wind farm in Lee County; Nearly 60 landowners say project will hurt them

The lawsuit said the wind farm is incompatible with surrounding land uses, will decrease property values, destroy views, create shadow flicker and "incessant and annoying" noise, and hurt wildlife. The lawsuit also identified procedural errors. The company, for instance, failed to provide a turbine layout, a noise model, or a plan for how it would decommission abandoned turbines, the lawsuit said.
16 Aug 2013

Wind turbines do not make good neighbors

Turbines should not be sited near homes, period. ...Once you allow turbines to invade your area there is nothing the Vermilion County Board can do to help you. Trust me, you do not want to live in a wind turbine hell as my family does. I suggest you do your homework now instead of paying for it later.
1 Aug 2013

County sued over wind turbine

A turbine near their house, Schwartzbach said, was a constant bother. "It produces loud humming sounds. At night it's ubearable. We turn on the TV to drown it out, so we can fall asleep. We don't hear the crickets at night or birds in the morning."
3 Apr 2013

Wind farm complaints prompt review of rules

Michael Creech had planned to retire at the family homestead, a two-story farmhouse among square miles of farmland east of Hope in western Vermilion County. But he said he's changed his mind ...mostly because of the noise. There are three different noises, a whooshing sound from the blades turning, a droning noise that he compares to a jet engine, and noise from the motors when the turbines change position.
10 Mar 2013

Woman: ‘We were handcuffed'

Margina Schwartzbach says there was a reason she never objected beforehand to a planned wind turbine next to her home: No one told her about it. The West Brooklyn woman says she found out about it when the project started - more than a year after the county approved it.
31 Dec 2012

Greenville citizens object to wind farm

Ten of the 19 proposed turbines would violate Bureau County Zoning ordinances, mostly on being too close to homes, property lines and housing communities like Normandy. The developers have asked for variances to these ordinances. It is curious that developers could not find other spots for these 10 turbines in the thousands of surrounding acres.
17 Sep 2012

Outdated wind turbine setbacks need lengthening

The Lee County Zoning Board ...blatantly ignored its statutory responsibilities by recommending that the current 12-year-old, 1,400-foot setback distance between homes and wind turbines remain unchanged. ...this recommendation was made with absolutely no consideration or compassion for the harmful health effects that today's huge wind turbines would wreak upon Township families.
23 Feb 2012

Offer made to turbine neighbors

Stacy Gonigam, a Hamilton Township resident, said her family has rejected Mainstream's offer to have turbines on their farm. She wasn't impressed with the company's offer of money to neighbors in Bureau County. "It sounds like they're bribing the neighbors to keep their mouths shut," said Gonigam, the township's supervisor. "I don't think that's a good neighbor."
21 Feb 2012

Panel may eye setbacks this week

No one should bank on it, but the Lee County Zoning Board of Appeals might finally dig its teeth into the biggest issue related to wind energy regulations. That would be the required distance between wind turbines and homes. On Dec. 15, the panel spent the last 10 minutes of its 2-hour meeting looking at the setback issue.
3 Jan 2012

Official lashes out at wind firms

The board delayed action on noise regulations, but it began discussion on the setback distance. The board's chairman, Ron Conderman, recommended keeping the current 1,400 feet ...Fassler suggested a mile, which he said would require wind farms to negotiate with everyone in that area. Neighbors shouldn't have to negotiate after wind turbines are up, he said.
17 Dec 2011

Scientist says wind farms bad for health

Anyone who argues that wind turbines don't have bad health effects are either ignoring the evidence or "trying to mislead," Phillips said. Victims of the health effects often move away and then see their health improve, he said. "What had been their sanctuary is now a hostile environment," he said.
7 Oct 2011

Turbine troubles placed on the record

Ogan, who filed his complaint in January, said the company told him that his antenna wasn't high enough. But he disagreed. With that same antenna, he said, his TV got better reception before the wind farm started. His wife, Claudia Ogan, said her TV had often been down to one channel since the wind farm started operating.
17 Sep 2011

Living with the negative effects of wind turbines

As we sit on our patio, we are looking at 31 turbines spinning. The sound is a monotonous sound of whish, whish that can vary in intensity and, at times, has sounded like a train rumbling down a track. I refer to it as irritating, like a dripping faucet. It just never stops, unless the turbine is not running. The beautiful countryside in our area has disappeared, along with the quiet and peaceful county living we once had.
24 Aug 2011
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