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Wind farm windfall elicits note of caution

At this rate, the wind-farm money could be used to cover projected deficits for the next 10 years, according to Janssen. But board members authorized about $200,000 in additional expenses Tuesday night. About half of that was for the probation department, to be used in connection with juvenile crime cases.
17 Oct 2012

Property rights vs. wind farms

Illinois, Bureau County, and my neighbors sold my property rights to the wind farm. The proposed wind farm in which my property is included has control of my privately-owned property. I have to ask for permission to build a house or a barn on my own land. I have been to informational and zoning meetings and never told my property rights were compromised, or that I would be restricted for the loss of freedom to use my property as I wish.
22 Sep 2012

Wind power company eyes DeKalb County land

Joe Gulotta, who owns 180 acres, asked why there was such a sense of urgency with the project. Carellan said the sooner the project begins, the better, as investors want to see the wind farms built. ...Gulotta said he is wary of the project and is concerned about the financing of it with the current economy.
21 Sep 2012

Woodford clears Minonk wind-energy project for sale

By a 9-5 vote, the Woodford County Board approved a resolution that affirms the partial ownership transfer of the 100-turbine project being built near Minonk. The wind-farm developer, Gamesa Technology Corp., eventually plans to sell the entire project to Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp. of Canada.
19 Sep 2012

Minonk wind turbine permit terms contested

Doug Huser, chairman of the zoning committee, believes Gamesa is violating the permit terms. He said he filed a complaint Monday with county Zoning Administrator Kim Holmes. Huser's objections include how the project's decommissioning aspect is funded. He also has said the special-use permit issued in 2010 to Minonk Wind LLC violates a county zoning ordinance regarding transfers.
18 Sep 2012

Greenville citizens object to wind farm

Ten of the 19 proposed turbines would violate Bureau County Zoning ordinances, mostly on being too close to homes, property lines and housing communities like Normandy. The developers have asked for variances to these ordinances. It is curious that developers could not find other spots for these 10 turbines in the thousands of surrounding acres.
17 Sep 2012

What if wind farm is abandoned?

In its decommissioning plan, Mainstream said it would set aside about $13,000 for such a process in Lee County. That compares to the more than $6 million the company's expert said it would cost to bring down the wind farm.
5 Sep 2012

The realities of living in an industrial wind energy plant

Dave & Stephanie Hulthen, a young couple in their mid 30′s, and their four young children, live within the NextERA wind energy facility erected in DeKalb County IL. The Hulthen's tell the story of living in a wind project. They were invited to speak by the Whitley County Concerned Citizens of Whitley County, Indiana. Duration:  1 hour 20 minutes 
2 Sep 2012
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