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Ridgeline Energy seeks permit

Ridgeline Energy is taking steps to expand its wind turbine project in the foothills east of Idaho Falls. Wednesday night, the company sought approval for a special use permit from the Bonneville County planning and zoning commission.
27 May 2010

Wind-farm requests blowing toward Twin Falls County

They may not be moving faster than a stiff breeze. But wind-farm proposals continue to float into the Magic Valley. The Twin Falls County Planning and Zoning Commission is set to hear requests for conditional-use permits for two new wind parks and permit changes for three others at a public hearing set for 7 p.m. Jan. 28.
2 Jan 2010

Wind energy proposal causing friction in Blaine

The county looks close to approving an ordinance that would allow noncommercial turbines up to 40 feet tall on most lots in the county except the mountain overlay district (which includes many hillsides) and the county's scenic corridor. That corridor is defined as anything that can be seen from five feet above the centerline of Idaho Highway 75 from Glendale Road north. For lots larger than five acres, the county's planning staff would approve the application for a turbine.
21 Nov 2009

BLM asks for more public comment on China Mountain

Federal biologists are still researching what effects a 185-turbine wind farm would have on the desert southwest of Rogerson. But the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is now asking for more public comment on the proposal, this time on a modification to the resource management plan that governs whether the agency can even consider allowing a wind farm in its Jarbidge Field Office. The China Mountain project would place turbines generating up to 425 megawatts in parts of a largely federal, 30,700-acre area.
18 Oct 2009

Second wind

Ridgeline Energy is starting from scratch. The company that has been working since 2006 to build a wind farm on 20,212 acres west of Shelley has withdrawn its permit application with Bingham County's planning and zoning department. The wind farm isn't being abandoned altogether, though. ""We will be refiling a new application,"" project manager Randy Gardner said.
15 Oct 2009

Vandersloot surveys Bingham County citizens about wind farms

It's an on-going saga still spinning with controversy. Idaho Falls business mogul and Melaleuca CEO, Frank Vandersloot, gets deeper into the Bingham County windmill debate. He's known for strongly opposing the Wolverine Canyon windfarm project east of Blackfoot on the grounds it'll ruin the area's natural beauty. Recently, one of his companies called Natural Guardian sent out a survey to people living in Bingham County to see where they stand on the issue.
15 Oct 2009

Ridgeline energy reacts to judge's decision

On Wednesday, August 19th, a Bingham County judge released a 38-page document overturning a Planning and Zoning Committee's approval to move forward with the proposed Wolverine Canyon wind-farm. The judge cited several areas in which he felt Ridgeline Energy's application for a special use permit was filed improperly.
22 Aug 2009

Petitioners v. Bingham County Idaho Board of Commissioners

Ng_bingham_ng_reply_brief_thumb The Bingham County Idaho County Commissioners approved a wind proposal involving the construction of 81 miles of road and erecting 150 wind turbines across more than 17,600 acres of Wolverine Canyon. The area is locally designated as a Natural Resource/Agriculture district which, by definition, does not permit industrial, energy-producing, structures. The Commissioners ruled that since the wind energy facility was a "wind farm" it was therefore an agricultural use and thus permitted. The residents in the area filed an appeal with the courts. This document is one of several responsive briefs filed by the residents.
28 Jul 2009

Concerns delay power line study

Mounting opposition from private landowners has prompted federal regulators to take an additional five to six months in the analysis of the Gateway West Transmission Line Project. The proposed high-voltage transmission line would span 1,150 miles from Glenrock to Melba, Idaho.
17 Jul 2009

Idaho and Wyoming governors praise decision to review alternative Gateway West routes

Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter and Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal praised in separate press releases July 16 a decision by electric utilities and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to look at alternative routes for the Gateway West transmission project proposed by PacifiCorp and Idaho Power Co. The decision came in response to mounting concerns from constituents.
16 Jul 2009

Boise wind developer to return to Magic Valley

A Boise wind-farm developer plans to build a number of new farms this year in southern Idaho - a sign that the winds seem to still favor Idaho's renewable-energy industry. Boise-based Exergy Development Group's last Idaho project - Fossil Gulch - was the state's first "utility-scale" wind farm when it was built near Hagerman in 2004.
30 Jun 2009

Work is under way on planned transmission line

After nearly two years of planning, Utah's largest electric utility announced Tuesday that crews had begun constructing a $600 million, 135-mile high-voltage transmission line from a new substation near Downey, Idaho, to an existing substation near the Salt Lake City International Airport. Rocky Mountain Power spokesman David Eskelsen told the Deseret News that work on the Populus to Terminal transmission line is under way, with the first segment in PacifiCorp's Energy Gateway transmission expansion scheduled for completion in 2010.
25 Mar 2009

Idaho windmill not working

This Idaho couple is learning an expensive lesson. Their newly installed residential windmill is not producing the benefits they were expecting. Click for additional information. Duration: 1 minute 49 seconds
31 Jan 2009

Windmill not producing like it should

Imagine spending $13 thousand dollars on a windmill that's supposed to save you money, but in the long run you install it and it only ends up only saving you a few pennies. "It's just really aggravating because we were led to believe that we were going to lose $30, $40, $50 dollars off our power bill every month. It's not going to happen," says Taylor. The Taylor's bought their windmill back in October and haven't seen a change in their bill.
31 Jan 2009

Attorney Laird Lucas gears up to fight energy plants

Now Lucas is gearing up to fight the development of wind and solar alternative energy plants in the middle of the remaining sagebrush desert habitat that is the home of species ranging from sage grouse to antelope. He's not against the technology. And he is as concerned about reducing greenhouse gases that cause climate change as the next environmentalist. ..."I think there's a chance that these big solar farms and wind farms will be obsolete almost as soon as we develop them," Lucas said. "We need to somehow get people engaged directly in producing our own energy."
5 Jan 2009

Green projects hit snags in Idaho

Greener energy sources such as geothermal wells and sprawling wind farms are being touted as the nation's environmentally friendly answer to energy independence, but so far, alternative energy developers are finding that they face many of the same conflicts as traditional generation plants.
2 Jan 2009

Views sought on power line route; Electricity would be transported along southern Wyoming

Rocky Mountain Power is asking landowners for their input on the route of a major transmission line proposed to run across southern Wyoming from the Casper area to the Idaho border. Representatives of the Salt Lake City-based utility told the Carbon County Commission last week that it has identified a 2-mile-wide corridor for its proposed Gateway West transmission line, which would carry 500 kilovolts of electricity.
21 Dec 2008
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