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Commission denies wind farm permit

The Bingham County Planning and Zoning Commission denied a wind company's request for a special use permit to complete the second phase of its wind farm development on Wednesday. Blue Ribbon Energy requested a special use permit to install nine wind turbines.
27 Jan 2011

BP Wind Turbines Damaged

Sergeant Jeff Edwards says BP Wind Energy reported that one of their wind turbines were shot twice sometime in the last two weeks. The bullets he says hit the top of the turbines near the fins.
4 Jan 2011

Bingham denies wind farm project

The closest proposed wind farm to residential areas in Bingham County was denied by planning and zoning tonight. Blue Ribbon Energy has ten days to appeal this proposal for the Taylor Mountain Wind Farm.
10 Nov 2010

Final wind farm appeal draws large crowd

The Panorama Hill, east of Idaho Falls, was up for debate again as Ridgeline Energy and Bonneville County took sides in the battle for another wind farm. The proposed Meadow Creek Wind Farm would sit behind Panorama Hill, just south of Highway 26 near Ririe.
27 Oct 2010

Ridgeline Energy's call to action

A possible new wind turbine project is on the horizon in Bonneville County. Ridgeline Energy is proposing to build 75 wind turbines east of Idaho Falls. The projected area will be north of a current wind farm under construction, which will soon be finished.
23 Oct 2010

Winds of change: Springville mulls renewable energy purchase

UAMPS is looking to install a 108-megawatt wind farm in Bonneville County, Idaho, and needs cities to commit in advance in order to buy up to 56 wind turbines for the project. Amid the complicated numbers and projections that filled last week's meeting, one aspect became the decision's true hinge: Will the need for renewable energy in the future justify its higher cost now?
4 Oct 2010

Winds of Change sweep eastern Idaho

"What's especially difficult to balance with this particular issue is that a lot of the community concern seems to be for their views, for the skyline," he said. "From the standpoint of drafting a law, you can't really own a view. When you buy a piece of property you don't have any rights to a view. But it's still a community concern."
12 Sep 2010

Idaho utility abandons talks over 150MW wind power deal

"Since issuing our RFP more than a year ago, the wind energy market has changed dramatically and prices for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) acquired under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) process have decreased. In light of these changes, we expect to be able to acquire energy resources without concluding the RFP at this time."
19 Aug 2010

Residents upset over wind farm ppproval

Homeowners living near 115 North near Ririe are banding together in hopes of preventing a major wind farm project from being constructed on land near their homes. "We moved out here from Houston to get away from the industrial concrete jungle, and now we feel like it's following us out here," says Jacque Moravek who moved to the area less than a year ago.
28 May 2010
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