Articles from Hawaii

Hawaii Auwahi Wind Farm draft habitat hearing, Feb. 15 12 Feb
Hawaii A planned wind farm is getting opposition from an unusual source: Environmentalists 12 Feb
Hawaii Proposed West Oahu wind farm gets voted down at neighborhood board meetings 24 Jan
Hawaii Feds Say Hawaii Is Too Quick To Approve Wind Power Turbines 22 Jan
Hawaii Dead bats are changing people’s minds about this energy project 10 Dec 2018
Hawaii Fire near Auwahi Windfarm 18 Aug 2018
Hawaii Wind farms want permission to kill more bats — A lot more 14 Aug 2018
Hawaii Planned wind turbines above Makakilo get blowback from residents 26 Apr 2018
Hawaii Younicos replaces batteries at Hawaiian site 1 Feb 2018
Hawaii Blowing in the wind: Maui Electric Co. saves money by using fossil fuels 19 Jan 2018
Hawaii Wind farm seeks to increase allowed number of bat deaths; Winged mammal’s population numbers are not known 30 Nov 2017
Hawaii Public may get more say in wind farms 13 Aug 2017
Hawaii Endangered bat at center of fight over Kahuku wind farm proposal 8 Aug 2017
Hawaii Offshore wind farms face slew of challenges, could take years to build 14 Jun 2017
Hawaii Wind power raises Maui electric bills 20 Apr 2017
Hawaii Wind farms killing more bats than expected 1 Mar 2017
Hawaii State might let wind farm kill more bats 24 Feb 2017
USA Hawaii Trump's victory creates uncertainty for wind and solar power 23 Jan 2017
Hawaii Wind farms killing more bats than expected 14 Jan 2017
Hawaii Opposition grows over proposed floating wind farm off Kaena Point 17 Nov 2016
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