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Group pushes for statewide energy plan

Environmental group Friends of Lana'i wants the state to require that Hawaiian Electric Co. complete a long-range statewide energy plan before being allowed to seek bids for an undersea cable developer and other large renewable projects.
7 Jun 2012

Legislators hear a united opposition to Big Wind

While the movement to oppose Big Wind on Molokai grows stronger and more organized, the message remains the same: Not on our ‘aina! Three members of the Hawaii Senate Committee on Energy and Environment visited Molokai yesterday to listen to the voices of the people on this controversial issue.
3 Nov 2011

Island power plant

But the ends don't justify the means, says Henry Curtis, executive director of Life of the Land, an environmental and community action group in Honolulu, who argues that powering O'ahu should not require the industrialization of Lana'i and Moloka'i. "It [the Interisland Wind Project] was conceived in back rooms," he contends, arguing that Big Wind is, in effect, blowing smoke clouding the bigger picture and that favorability toward wind power is indicative of a much bigger issue.
30 Sep 2011

Fewer, bigger vanes planned at wind farm

The project also will need special management area and county special use permits. There will be an additional environmental review when the incidental take and endangered species mitigation plans are written. The area is home to four endangered animals, the Hawaiian petrel, Hawaiian hoary bat, nene and Blackburn's sphinx moth; and several rare native plants.
11 Aug 2011

PUC ruling throws open bidding for Molokai wind

Hermina Morita, the PUC chairwoman, said: "Part of the PUC's role in clean energy development in Hawaii is to ensure an open and fair process. . . . However, (HECO and Castle & Cooke's) proposed assignment of 200 megawatts to Molokai Ranch goes beyond the scope of the PUC's waiver from the original competitive bid process."
16 Jul 2011

State signs off on North Shore wind farm plans

The actual energy output of a wind project is often substantially less than its stated capacity. For example, the Kawailoa wind project would produce about 25 percent of its 70-megawatt capacity over the course of a year, according to an analysis of data provided by First Wind in its EIS.
15 Jul 2011

Pattern Energy stays committed to wind farm

Opposition to the project was intensified because Molokai Ranch, which has a history of tension with the community, was supporting Pattern Energy. "Personally, I don't think this project will go forward if Molokai Ranch has any part of it," Karen Holt, executive director of the Molokai Community Service Council, told PBN.
24 Jun 2011

PUC OKs deal aiding Hawaii in energy goal

The Public Utilities Commission has approved a power purchase agreement that will allow Sempra Generation to begin selling wind-generated power to Maui Electric Co. perhaps as soon as early 2013. MECO will initially pay 20 cents per kilowatt hour.
17 Jun 2011

Big Wind discussion stymied

"It is time for open discussion and debate in the community on the benefits and the overall question of whether expenses associated with the Big Wind project are reasonable," McLeod wrote. "We ask guidance from the PUC on where you would like to see this discussion occur." The mayor's office followed up the three-page letter with a request on June 6 to intervene in a PUC case.
12 Jun 2011

Big Wind controversy continues to swirl

"Critical decisions about the size, scope, location and nature of the wind farms are being made in dockets opened before the Public Utilities Commission based upon documents that are hidden, by protective orders, from nonparties before any Environmental Impact Statement is prepared in violation of the law."
9 May 2011

Calls for halt of big wind

As Pattern Energy begins taking action on Molokai to develop a wind farm, two groups are denouncing the Big Wind project, and calling for the neighbor island bidding process to start from scratch.
1 May 2011
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