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Burning turbine

News report of a wind turbine at the Aeolian Park wind energy facility in Spain destroyed by fire. According to Iberdrola, the exact cause of the fire has not been determined, but is believed to be due to mechanical failure. Firemen, police and company personnel were on the scene. A 120 meter buffer around the turbine was established to ensure the safety of people and property near the fire. The fire did not impact the operation of the Aeolian Park in spite of the spectacular visible cloud column rising from the turbine. Duration: 0 minutes 55 seconds
13 Sep 2008

Windmill in Denmark explodes (add'l footage)

This footage was taken at the moment a wind turbine in Denmark exploded in high winds. The braking system failed. Pieces of the shattered turbine were sent more than 500 meters away. A second video of the same event can be viewed by clicking here. Duration: 32 seconds
25 Feb 2008
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