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German utilities bail out electric grid at wind’s mercy

Twenty power companies including Germany’s biggest utilities, EON SE and RWE AG, now get fees for pledging to add or cut electricity within seconds to keep the power system stable, double the number in September, according to data from the nation’s four grid operators. Utilities that sign up to the 800 million-euro ($1.1 billion) balancing market can be paid as much as 400 times wholesale electricity prices, the data show.
25 Jul 2014

UK awarded too much in renewable energy subsidies - NAO

Britain's energy ministry awarded too much in subsidies to eight renewable energy projects in April - 16.6 billion pounds in total - meaning that consumers will pay over the odds for the electricity the projects produce, a parliamentary watchdog said. The report, by the National Audit Office (NAO), comes amid mounting pressure on politicians to try to keep energy bills down.
27 Jun 2014

Early contracts for renewable electricity

Today’s NAO report finds that, by awarding these early contracts, the Department has provided certainty of support to the contractors at least five months earlier than they could have achieved under the full Contract for Difference regime. ...However, the scale of early contracts for renewables, awarded without competition, may have increased costs to consumers.
27 Jun 2014
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