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Wind farm objectors given leave to lodge appeal

At the Commercial Court yesterday, Mr Justice Robert Haughton said People Over Wind had raised a number of grounds of appeal of exceptional importance which it was desirable, in the public interest, for the Court of Appeal to determine. The appeal should be expedited, he added.
20 Jun 2015

Judge rejects 'bias' claim over minister's wind farm refusal

Broadview Energy had asked the High Court to overturn the refusal of consent for the proposed wind farm between the villages of Helmdon and Greatworth and order a reconsideration of its application. But today Mr Justice Cranston rejected the company’s claim that the minister who turned down the plan was guilty of bias.
19 Jun 2015

View from Dylan Thomas's home saved after turbine plans thrown out

Laugharne community council’s clerk, Chris Delaney, said the town was “absolutely elated”. He said: “It was an appalling decision which would have impacted on probably one of the most iconic views in west Wales. It is a place of international renown. Hundreds of thousands of people come here because of Dylan Thomas and right in the middle of it they were going to put a huge turbine.”
19 Feb 2015

Berwick wind turbine approval quashed for a third time

“I personally will not see the turbine, nor be affected by its noise from where I live, 4km away. However, lots of people will see it, and no doubt be annoyed by it, and will probably see the value of their hard earned homes fall as a result, with no chance of compensation." 
11 Nov 2014

Council wins Starbold wind farm appeal decision

Councillor Sir William Lawrence, Environmental Services Portfolio says: “It is good to see that the Inspector’s decision supports that it has to be in the right place or not have a negative impact on the community.  Naturally, wind energy is important and should not be overlooked in the right locations.”
10 Oct 2014

Residents challenge Tipperary wind farm permission

Moving the application, David Browne BL said the challenge is brought on grounds including that permission was granted after Mr Buckley had withdrawn his written consent for his lands to be used as part of the proposed development. The proposed development required Mr Buckley’s lands for an access road at Knocknameena, Upperchurch, he noted.
7 Oct 2014

High Court rules on compensation for noise from wind turbines

The judgment is significant as it granted compensation after the erection of the wind turbines. This is contrary to the main rule in the Promoting Renewable Energy Act; however,both the city court and the high court found sufficient legal authority under the act to admit the claim after the erection of the wind turbines.
1 Sep 2014
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