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Wind farm set to blow up new storm of protest

Public meetings last week saw growing support for an action group fighting the construction of a 22-turbine wind farm at Heckington Fen. ‘Heck Off’ - as it is being called - held a well-attended public meeting last Tuesday in the Hume Arms at South Kyme to explain to concerned residents the latest position in which developers Ecotricity are seeking to amend their current permission.
14 Mar 2016

Polish wind industry protests proposed regulations

Sw_eu_wind_lobby_in_poland_wasted_15_years_8march2016_thumb The Polish government's proposed new regulations governing the safe siting of wind energy facilities has triggered a firestorm with the Polish and European wind industries crying foul. This important report attempts to correct the record on the law which is intended to protect residents from poorly sited wind facilities.
11 Mar 2016

Wind Disaster - beginning of the end?

The resistance is growing from all sides. Not only the people who live in the country and directly affected by wind power protest. Even the industry in countries like Germany, England and Sweden now dares to write articles about their countries need cheaper and more reliable energy to continue to exist.
6 Mar 2016

Poland: Wind farms now come with the threat of jail

Concerning for the wind lobby group are rules embedded in the legislation that would require wind farm owners to pay fees for operating plants and sign up for a new permit every two years. Those who fail to comply might face prison sentences, and the rules would be applied retroactively to existing plants, said Joy.
3 Mar 2016

Dodging wind farms and bullets in the Arctic

Keskitalo said the proposed Kalvvatnan wind farm and associated power lines in Nordland County will severely impact the summer grazing lands of a core group of reindeer herders who still speak South Sami, one of five Uralic languages traditionally spoken by the Sami that are listed by UNESCO as endangered. The wind farm is still under judicial review. 
1 Mar 2016

High Court overturns permission for Cork wind farm

Mr Justice Bernard Barton ruled the permission must be quashed after finding that the process under which An Bord Pleanála had decided relevant issues concerning compliance with two European Directives - the Habitats Directive and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive - did not comply with Irish law.
25 Feb 2016
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