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More Giant Turbines as Energy Drive Goes On

A SECOND wind farm of giant turbines could be built in South Gloucestershire as the drive for renewable energy sources gathers momentum. Spanish-owned Gamesa Energy is seeking planning consent to build a test turbine at Walning Farm, at Olveston, to check the potential of the site for generating electricity.
19 Feb 2006

If you say no to turbines, you're 'prejudiced'

Equally undemocratic is the revolution in local government brought about by the rules from Mr Prescott which allow "monitoring officers" to exclude any councillor from debates in which they are deemed to have a "prejudicial interest". This includes any councillor who has previously expressed any view on the issue, or even who can be shown to have discussed it with members of the public before it comes up for debate.
19 Feb 2006

David Bellamy

He says "Winston Churchill once said that we in England have a countryside worth dying for. And I'd be damn well wiling to do just that, to stop the turbines."
16 Feb 2006

Wind Farm No 2 Blows Village Fury

Major plans to house a second wind farm on the outskirts of a North Devon village have been unveiled. British wind energy company Coronation Power is proposing to site up to four 400ft turbines at Wheelers Cross, just over a mile east of Bradworthy, capable of generating power to about 10,000 homes.
16 Feb 2006

Curtis slams wind farm accusations

COUNTY Council Chairman Jimmy Curtis bitterly denounced his accusers at a council meeting on Monday. 'The finger has been pointed at me,' said an angry Cllr. Curtis, speaking during a brief debate on the strategy for wind farms, which had divided parts of rural Wexford into those for and those against.
16 Feb 2006

Pro-Wind Farm Lobby Gets Firm

Campaigners fighting for a four- turbine community wind farm to be built in the Swansea Valley say they will present a strong case at the public inquiry. Last year Neath Port Talbot Council threw out moves to develop a wind farm at Mynydd y Gwrhyd. Now the Assembly's stand on wind farms is to be put to the test.
15 Feb 2006
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