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Wind turbine fire in the Netherlands claims lives of two

Turbineburns-netherlands_thumb WInd turbine fire at the 21 MW Piet Wit wind farm on the Dutch island of Goeree Vlakke. A video of the burning turbine and flaming debris can be seen here. Two technicians lost their lives as a result of the fire at the Deltawind’s 21MW Piet de Wit wind farm near Ooltgensplaat in the Netherlands. The two mechanics (ages 19 and 21) were working on one of 12 Vestas V66-1.75MW turbines when the fire erupted. Deltawind suggested a short circuit on the unit could have caused the fire but no official report has been released. The project was undergoing scheduled maintenance.
29 Oct 2013

Wandylaw and Middlemoor from Holy Island

Wandylaw-middlemoor_from_holy_island_thumb The Middlemoor and Wandylaw projects as seen from Holy Island across the Pilgrims Way. Middlemoor consists of 18 turbines, each with a height of up to 125 metres (including the blades) and a maximum generating capacity of 54 megawatts. The project was placed into service during the summer of 2013. The separate Wandylaw project consists of 10 turbines, also each standing 125 meters in height, with a capacity of 20.5 megawatts.
12 Sep 2013

Forest Commission Scotland: a country divided and given away

Scotlandfcs-allocations_thumb Forest Commission Scotland, which is missioned with managing national forest land in Scotland, divided the public lands it manages into 5 'lots' to be prospected by specific wind energy developers. For example, ScottishPower Renewables was awarded Lot 1 and the right to develop schemes of less than 5MW in Lots 1-5. The remaining 4 lots are allocated to four other developers all of whom are currently working through an exclusivity period to identify suitable sites for wind development.
1 Jul 2012

Turbines destroyed in France

Rochefort-en-valdaine_19-09-2010_thumb French news reported that the braking system on two turbines failed, causing the machines to overspin and catch fire. One of towers exploded, sending burning debris into the vegetation igniting fire on the ground. "Thank God it had rained two days before," said a woman to the journalist, but had this occurred in August, it would have been a different matter.
19 Sep 2010

Wind turbine wake effects

Wake_effect_horns_rev.jpg_thumb The image shows clouds forming in the wakes of the front row of wind turbines of the Horns Rev wind farm off the coast of Denmark. The downstream wind turbines lose 20% or 30% of their power, and sometimes even more, relative to the front row. The spacing of the turbines is 7 rotor diameters.
20 Jan 2010

Vestas turbine failure following lightning strike

Lightningdestroysturbine_20090702_thumb A fierce storm on the afternoon of July 2, 2009 destroyed portions of an industrial wind turbine located between Brieske and Schwarzheide in Germany. Pieces, as shown in this photo, flew 150 meters through the air landing about 50 meters from federal highway Nr. 169. No one was injured. The approximately 40 meter blade broke several trees as it cut a track through the forest. The blade showed signs of lightning damage. The turbine was a Vestas V80- 2MW with a height of 140 meters.
2 Jul 2009
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