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Land may be seized to make way for solar farms in net zero drive

Matt Hancock MP, the former health secretary, who along with Lucy Frazer, a Treasury minister, represents the area earmarked for the development, told The Telegraph: “By attempting to force through unpopular proposals they [Sunnica] damage the case for delivering the renewables we need. “I support solar developments locally where they are in the right place, with the support of us locally. The way Sunnica has gone about this is completely wrong."
16 Jan 2022

Amanda Holden backs war on offshore wind farm with 1,066ft turbines taller than the Eiffel Tower which would blight West Sussex coast

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is angry at plans by German energy company RWE to erect the giant towers of up to 1,066ft within sight of the West Sussex coast. She has offered her support to thousands of local campaigners battling to stop the new site called Rampion 2, which will occupy an area the size of the Isle of Wight just eight miles from shore.
16 Jan 2022

"It’s not cheap being green" - Britain’s energy crisis

Even when global gas prices fall back, the green transition will bake in higher costs. The more renewables on the system, the bigger—and more expensive—their backup has to be. (Mr Helm thinks that, taking intermittency into account, wind power may be even pricier than the nuclear sort.) ...One way or another the public will pay, whether through higher bills, higher taxes or a combination of both. Whatever the government does about the immediate problem, arguments about the cost of energy will continue.
15 Jan 2022

Germany to dedicate 2% of its land to wind power development

Germany, despite its claim to be a renewable energy leader, is not currently on track to meet its 2030 climate and energy targets. This week, the nation’s new Green Minister for Economics and Climate, Robert Habeck, presented a bold new plan for expanding onshore and offshore wind power. If successful, the plan would add up to 10 gigawatts of new onshore wind capacity every year for the rest of the decade. To put that into perspective, Europe as a whole installed 11.8 gigawatts (GW) of onshore wind in 2020.
14 Jan 2022

Lapland reindeer herders battle wind turbine farms

"The state has to acknowledge that for the past 20 years grave errors have been made, and they can do that by presenting an apology," said Silje Karine Muotka, the president of the Sameting, Norway's Sami parliament. "And concrete actions have to follow: the operating permit has to be cancelled, the turbines have to be fully dismantled, and the area has to be restored, replanted and returned to the herders," she told AFP. With every day that passes, Sissel Stormo Holtan, a 40-year-old herder, loses a little more faith in the legal system.
13 Jan 2022

Groups and websites against the wind industry

Censuses show that in total there are more than 170 websites and Facebook groups devoted to work against the destruction of the wind industry. A few of these are no longer active because they are about cases that have already been lost or won. Others show medium or very high activity.
11 Jan 2022

The energy crisis is sending shockwaves through the UK economy

Britain imports a large proportion of its gas supplies from the Continent who, in turn, rely on Russia for around 35 percent of their own natural gas flows. ...Britain is making gains in domesticating its energy supplies to solve this issue. ...But, its primary source of renewable energy is wind power, which is volatile at best. During an unseasonal windless winter it has underperformed significantly, leaving the UK increasingly reliant on gas exported from Europe.
8 Jan 2022

Wind turbine above “burned down in a controlled manner”: damage of 500,000 euros

A fire in a wind turbine in a wind farm near the municipality of Sarow (Mecklenburg Lake District) near Demmin resulted in damage of around 500,000 euros. As a police spokesman said on Tuesday, the machine house in the uppermost part of the wind turbine caught fire in strong winds. Because of the height of around 100 meters, the fire fighters were only able to "let the fire burn down in a controlled manner" late on Monday evening, as the district brigade leader Enrico Kollhof explained.
4 Jan 2022

Europe sleepwalked into an energy crisis that could last years

Just four months after Amos Hochstein, the U.S. envoy for energy security, said Europe wasn’t doing enough to prepare for the dark and cold season ahead, the continent is grappling with a supply crunch that’s caused benchmark gas prices to more than quadruple from last year’s levels, squeezing businesses and households. The crisis has left the European Union at the mercy of the weather and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wiles, both notoriously difficult to predict.
4 Jan 2022

Battles against two Kildare wind farm proposals

Last November, many members of the Monasterevin community were delighted to learn An Bord Pleanála had upheld the decision by Kildare Co Council to refuse planning permission for a proposed new wind farm on the Rathangan Road. ...Meanwhile, an appeal against a €70 million Kildare wind farm for the Carbury area is still before the courts.
31 Dec 2021

Once stellar green stocks fell even more than airlines in 2021

Deutsche Lufthansa AG has shed about a fifth of its value this year, while British Airways owner International Consolidated Airlines Group is down 12 per cent. Disappointing as they may look, such returns look stellar compared to plunges of 37 per cent for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, and 33 per cent for offshore wind farm champion Orsted A/S. After dropping by nearly a third this year, Vestas Wind Systems has warned that more pain lies ahead, amid surging commodity prices and supply-chain bottlenecks that disrupted production. But the cost of raw materials is not the only reason blamed for the lackluster returns.
30 Dec 2021
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