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Vestas to lay off 350 at Lem blade factory

Danish wind OEM Vestas has confirmed it plans to lay off some 350 workers at its blade factory in Lem, Denmark by year-end. The company blamed high manufacturing costs and salary levels, "compared to the market level within manufacturing" for the redundancies.
16 Nov 2016

Vestas scandal continues to widen

The Danish financial crimes office’s 18-month investigation into a former Vestas head of finance, Henrik Nørremark, has taken a dramatic turn and has been expanded to include a number of other former Vestas bosses.
8 May 2014

Dong sells off Danish onshore projects

Dong made clear its intention to sell onshore assets to fund offshore development in a new strategy and financial action plan published in February. ..."Our competences and capital will be deployed in offshore wind where we have a strong and differentiated competitive platform."
25 Jun 2013

Vestas turned back to start

Vestas' stock shares heading towards its lowest level since the company's IPO - in 1998. On Tuesday, shares of Vestas fell by 3.2 percent after news of the company's U.S. CEO, Martha Wyrsch, decided to leave the ailing wind turbine manufacturer.
13 Nov 2012
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