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Vestas to close five wind turbine plants

It is closing four plants in Denmark and one in Sweden, including one in Viborg where it has been manufacturing since 1989. The factory moves follow Vestas' decision to move production of turbines away from the UK last year, when it closed its Isle of Wight facility.
26 Oct 2010

Vestas will not chase market share at any price

Wind turbine maker Vestas Wind Systems is more concerned with keeping customers and spreading risk than with retaining its global number-one spot ...Under pressure after a profit warning two weeks ago devastated its stock, Vestas executives sought to allay investor concerns about the competitive threats in an industry where growth has slowed.
1 Sep 2010

Wind Power: Bad news blows in from Denmark

Returning to Denmark, according to a short article by Torbjörn Isacson (2010), one of the largest windmill producers in the world, Vestas (of Denmark), has run into serious difficulties, and will be reducing its production. What I would like to believe is that the economics of windpower are on the way to being understood by highly educated persons in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, but this is only partially the case.
19 Aug 2010

Protesters look to EU to stop wind turbines

Opponents of the parliament's decision to place 250-metre high wind turbines at the protected nature area of Østerild Plantag in northwest Jutland are now turning to the EU as their last hope to stop the project. The gigantic turbines are to be part of a new wind power test centre.
9 Aug 2010

Profits of doom

Wind turbines, despite being so very green themselves, are antipathetic to nature. On forested hillsides, they require the clear felling of woodland; on low-lying coastal sites, they necessitate the draining of wetland to facilitate the construction of access roads and enormous concrete foundations. ...In spite of the cost, wind power generates only about 4 per cent of the electricity used in Denmark: the truth is that almost all of it is wasted.
29 Jul 2010

Wind power a concern for some communities

Disruption of a natural landscape's aesthetics can hardly be avoided. However, turbines need to be near local power grids as transmission distance drives up the cost of electricity. Combined with other issues, such as the noise generated by "swishing" turbine blades and grinding gearboxes, and "wind turbine syndrome", or supposed infrasound-induced health problems ranging from sleeplessness to learning disabilities, wind power is still battling inertia in many communities.
1 Jun 2010

For Whom the Wind Blows

Sometimes it seems Denmark's primary goal in life is to make the U.S. feel environmentally inferior. ...The story of Denmark is one to heed as we prepare to dive headlong into alternatives. Bryce douses the green energy movement with a cold shower of facts and figures, ones that collectively remind us that a transition to wind and solar power would take decades, that it would be astronomically expensive, that it would make the U.S. reliant on China for turbines, and that it would lead to "energy sprawl."
17 May 2010

PM: Put wind turbines in conservation area

Lars Løkke Rasmussen has not endeared himself to opposition parties in his first year as prime minister, but his most recent move may alienate him from his allies too. Rasmussen has proposed that a giant wind turbine test centre should be placed within the boundaries of the protected nature area of Østerild Plantage outside the northwest Jutland town of Thy.
7 Apr 2010
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