Library from Denmark

Denmark Denmark won’t support Vestas through financial hardship 29 Oct 2012
Denmark Germany DONG mothballs German wind farm, blames TenneT 21 Oct 2012
Denmark Vestas stops non-profitable projects in recovery hunt 3 Oct 2012
USA Denmark Vestas falls as markets day fails to deliver: Copenhagen Mover 3 Oct 2012
Asia Denmark Vestas loses up to €18 million through unauthorised deals 3 Oct 2012
Asia Denmark Vestas ends severance pact with CFO; deals cited 3 Oct 2012
Asia Denmark Vestas reveals Norremark deals could cost EUR18 million 2 Oct 2012
Asia Denmark Vestas to scale down India operations 25 Sep 2012
Denmark Vestas shares slide on share issue fears 14 Sep 2012
South America Denmark Vestas in $32m currency row with Argentine wind developer 12 Sep 2012
Denmark Vestas plunges amid cash shortage concerns 12 Sep 2012
USA Denmark Banks want Vestas-Mitsubishi deal by 2013 6 Sep 2012
Denmark Wind turbine sector's top firm to layoff more workers 28 Aug 2012
USA Denmark Vestas falls on report of debt restructuring with HSBC, RBS 2 Jul 2012
Denmark Vestas shuts Chinese turbine plant as demand cools 25 Jun 2012
Denmark UK Vestas drops Sheerness plant after lack of orders 22 Jun 2012
Denmark Denmark aims low with Green Energy Policy 17 May 2012
Denmark Germany Vestas Issues statement on German turbine fire 12 Apr 2012
Denmark Mauri Johansson speech delivered at the Vestas 2012 general meeting 29 Mar 2012
Australia / New Zealand Denmark Vestas smears wind turbine neighbours 29 Mar 2012
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