Library from Denmark

Denmark Turbine blades fly off runaway wind turbine 16 Jan 2015
Denmark Blades fly off runaway wind turbine 16 Jan 2015
Denmark Neighbors fleeing low-frequency noise from giant wind turbines 6 Jan 2015
Denmark USA US court approves $5m Vestas settlement 10 Dec 2014
Denmark Germany German police investigating former Vestas employees for fraud 22 Oct 2014
Denmark High Court rules on compensation for noise from wind turbines 1 Sep 2014
Denmark Giant Windmills close nursery 3 Jul 2014
Denmark Professor Henrik Moller sacked by Dean of Faculty of Engineering, from Aalborg University - “Research without invoice” 10 Jun 2014
Denmark Mysterious dismissal 30 May 2014
Denmark Aalborg University fires the country's leading noise researcher 27 May 2014
Denmark Vestas scandal continues to widen 8 May 2014
Denmark Danish minister threatens to drop offshore projects over cost 3 Mar 2014
Denmark Goldman deal on Danish energy splits Copenhagen coalition 30 Jan 2014
Denmark Dong Energy deal has Danish government on the brink of collapse 30 Jan 2014
Denmark Vestas investigates blade failure at Danish wind farm 29 Jan 2014
Denmark Vestas blades break in Denmark 29 Jan 2014
Denmark Wind Turbine Syndrome, a matter of bad prevention? 23 Dec 2013
Denmark The Vindication of Don Quixote: The impact of noise and visual pollution from wind turbines on local residents in Denmark 10 Sep 2013
Denmark Deminor confirms filing of law suit: Vestas Wind Systems 3 Sep 2013
Denmark Germany German green energy bluster running out of wind 13 Aug 2013
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