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Lewes considers turbine regulations

In response to concerns that area residents may start erecting their own wind turbines within city limits, officials are considering a moratorium on the installation of such structures. According to officials, the ban could last a year or more as officials attempt to adopt regulations. Mayor Jim Ford said the city's building codes do not currently contain language pertaining to wind turbines.
21 Apr 2010

Feds move to lease wind power rights off Del.

The federal government has taken the first step toward officially assigning a portion of Delaware's offshore waters to companies interested in building wind farms, including NRG Bluewater Wind. NRG wants to build an offshore wind farm, and already has a contract with Delmarva Power to buy the electricity.
21 Apr 2010

UD study: Taming wind just takes a 'backbone'

Detractors of offshore wind power have long pointed out that the wind doesn't always blow very hard, even over the high seas, which makes it a somewhat undependable way to keep the lights on. But a team of University of Delaware researchers say they've quantified a way to make that less of a problem -- and reduce the need to develop costly backup power plants on land or dip into the expensive peak-period electricity market when winds are limp.
6 Apr 2010

State's future includes idled wind and solar projects

Gov. Markell seems intent on saving our state's economy on the twin pillars of gambling and renewable energy. The former is the lesser of two evils, for I may chose not to personally support casinos, but I'm doomed to higher energy costs if mandates for solar and wind are extended. Turning backwards to renewable energy is equivalent to a revival of the horse and buggy industry.
21 Mar 2010

Isle of Wight planners reviewing proposed wind energy ordinance

Wind turbines towering up to 199 feet high might loom on Isle of Wight County's horizon. This week, county planners got their first look at a proposed code change that would pave the way for homeowners and businesses to begin using wind turbines to generate electricity. Under Isle of Wight's proposed regulations, homeowners and small businesses would be allowed to erect up to three turbines per lot by right.
28 Feb 2010

Lower energy projections put brakes on power lines

Now regional power grid operator PJM Interconnection is dialing back its projections of future energy use amid a sluggish economy, increases in energy efficiency and the new economics of energy in the age of carbon consciousness. That has set off a domino reaction of delays in power companies' plans to build those lines, as PJM reassesses when the lines will be needed, if they're needed at all.
24 Jan 2010

Wind-turbine project loses a big player

DelaWind has withdrawn its application for a $350,000 investment from the state economic development office, as well as an application for tax credits from the U.S. Department of Energy, O'Brien said in a written statement. ...The uncertainty of when the turbines would be built affected the ability to attract financing, Carney said.
22 Dec 2009

Loan guarantee 'crucial' to wind farm; NRG wants Congress to extend the program

NRG Energy officials are counting on Congress to reauthorize a loan guarantee program that the firm says is "crucial" to the success of a planned wind farm off Rehoboth Beach. Right now, the planned wind farm doesn't qualify for the program because it only covers projects set to start construction by Sept. 30, 2011. And that's a year or more before the construction on the Delaware project would start. Without the federal loan guarantees, NRG would need to pay higher interest rates on any borrowing, which could cut into the project's profitability.
12 Nov 2009

Environmentalists pleased wind farm still in the works

It was dinnertime at the League of Women Voters' retreat in Rehoboth Beach on Oct. 31 when Lisa Pertzoff learned that NRG Energy might buy Bluewater Wind. Pertzoff told the league's president, who interrupted dinner with the announcement. "There was a stunned silence," Pertzoff said, then "there were some rueful chuckles."
10 Nov 2009

Bluewater's foes now on its side

But if Bluewater's offshore wind farm gets built, it may have both to thank for keeping the project afloat. Bluewater lost its financial backing when its Australian parent company, Babcock and Brown, was ravaged by debt and the global economic meltdown. The wind farm developer missed a critical deadline this summer to provide a letter of credit to Delmarva, which has a 25-year contract with Bluewater to buy power from turbines off the coast of Rehoboth Beach.
5 Nov 2009

Sources: NRG close to buying Bluewater

Bluewater Wind expects a controlling interest in the firm to be sold in the next few weeks, and sources familiar with the plan say the company is in serious negotiations to sell to NRG Energy Inc. In selling a majority stake in the offshore wind farm company, Bluewater would get the immediate financial help it needs to keep its projects moving forward, and the backing of a large energy company that should ease the financing of billion-dollar wind farms.
31 Oct 2009

Wind power on its way to Del. grid

Delmarva Power's four power purchase agreements with wind developers should begin paying dividends by the end of the year, with the first clean-energy electrons flowing to the state later this fall. One land-based wind farm under contract to the local utility could start sending electricity to Delaware by year's end, and another in western Maryland could get its permit soon despite concerns the turbines could harm endangered species. That project has an easier path to approval thanks to a controversial new law that exempts smaller wind farm projects from an extensive environmental vetting.
11 Oct 2009

Bluewater works on new financing; President confident of interim investment in wind farm

Bluewater Wind expects to name a new investor within two months, pumping badly needed capital behind its plans to build a wind farm off Delaware's southern coast. Peter Mandelstam, president of the offshore power development company, said he is confident a deal will be completed within 60 days with a new ownership partner and that Babcock and Brown, its embattled Australian financier, would be out of the project by the end of the year.
6 Sep 2009

State officials discourage Delaware Bay wind farm

New Jersey and Delaware environmental officials say a wind farm planned for the Delaware Bay could disturb an important flyway for birds. Delsea Energy of Toms River, N.J., has a plan to construct 106 turbines in the upper Delaware Bay, on the New Jersey side of the shipping channel that divides Garden State waters from those controlled by Delaware.
3 Sep 2009

Several companies want to be the first to develop an offshore wind farm in the U.S.

With plans moving forward in New Jersey and Delaware - not to mention recent progress in Cape Wind's years-long fight in Massachusetts - it's far from certain that Deepwater and Rhode Island will succeed in their quest to be first. And make no mistake, being first is important. For the developer, it means more than just bragging rights. It gives the company a leg up on its competitors as it tries to develop additional wind farms elsewhere. For the state, it means much-needed economic development and valuable green-collar jobs.
16 Aug 2009

Bethany residents wary of Bluewater power cable

Many residents of this quaint beach town say they are all for green energy, but when Bluewater Wind officials came to town with a concept plan to bring the power cable from their proposed offshore wind farm under their beach, boardwalk and bandstand, they had one really big question: What's in it for the town?
28 Jul 2009
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