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Experts to answer wind turbine questions at Q & A Thursday, Aug. 12

The massive blades on the University of Delaware’s Lewes wind turbine seem to generate new questions every time they turn. In response: the university is holding a question-and-answer session next month, when its wind-power experts will answer questions about the turbine and its purpose. College of Earth, Ocean and Environment Dean Nancy Targett will moderate the event.
31 Jul 2010

Bluewater: Despite delays, project to move forward

Bonnie Smith, spokeswoman for the Environmental Protection Agency's Philadelphia office, said Bluewater must get a tower construction permit because the ship that will erect the tower will attach to the sea floor. That requirement is part of the National Energy Policy Act of 2005, which amended the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.
21 Jul 2010

University of Delaware researcher says 'place attachment' prompts backlash against wind farm development

Firestone and his research colleagues began surveying public opinion on the Cape Wind project in 2004. He quickly learned that opposition to offshore wind farms is not a classic "not in my backyard" reaction. Instead, opposition mainly to the visual impact of turbines seen from land or from boats causes a psychological reaction known as "place attachment." Basically, it is an emotional attachment to surroundings that are familiar.
15 Jul 2010

Delaware energy: Bluewater faces competition for lease from secretive firm

They're seeking the right to build on some of the same spots in the ocean, although Occidental's project would be smaller, based on its request. Little is publicly known about Occidental. The company was one of five developers to file a bid in 2008 for state funding to build a wind farm off the coast of New Jersey. But it was one of two rejected for that funding by that state's Board of Public Utilities.
9 Jul 2010

NRG Says BP spill may slow permitting process for offshore wind-power farm

NRG Energy Inc. said its wind-power project off the coast of Delaware may take three times longer than planned to get approved after BP Plc's Gulf of Mexico oil spill spurred a reorganization of federal offshore regulation. The power producer still plans to get a permit for its $1 billion farm, which already has a contract to sell its 200 megawatts of output to a utility.
30 Jun 2010

Rehoboth's wind farm faces delays; Construction could be delayed

Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power have agreed to extend a key project deadline because of a permit delay related to the breakup of the Minerals Management Service (MMS). Under its original 2008 contract with Delmarva Power, NRG Energy's Bluewater Wind had until Wednesday, June 23, to pull out of the deal without paying a $6 million penalty.
29 Jun 2010

Delaware wind farm: Bluewater deadline extended

Delmarva Power has granted NRG Bluewater Wind an extension of a crucial deadline, as the renewable-energy developer works through federal uncertainty that could delay construction of the wind farm planned off Rehoboth Beach. Bluewater has planned to erect a meteorological tower at the site this autumn.
24 Jun 2010

Lewes places moratorium on wind turbines

The University of Delaware's new 253-foot-high wind turbine already has the City of Lewes looking toward the future. How should the city handle requests from property owners seeking to install a residential version of a wind turbine? ...Vaughan said the city has to consider the impact residential wind turbines would have on Lewes' streetscape.
24 May 2010

Moratorium imposed on wind turbines

An expected trend derived from the recent unveiling of a wind turbine at the University of Delaware has City Council drafting new regulations into its code. A moratorium has been imposed on the issuance of any permits or licenses for wind turbines.
19 May 2010

Delaware wind farm nearer reality

The government's action turns Delaware into the test case for new federal rules and regulations, said Tyler Tringas, wind energy analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The contract with Delmarva Power "puts them leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the projects," Tringas said. "It makes sense for the MMS to say we're going to test this out with Bluewater," Tringas said. The ocean lease application is expected to be published in the Federal Register on Friday.
22 Apr 2010

Lewes council mulls wind turbine moratorium; Ban could be adopted May 10

The City of Lewes might place a one-year ban on the construction of wind turbines while city council devises a policy to govern them. Mayor Jim Ford said the installation of a research turbine at the University of Delaware's (UD's) College of Earth, Ocean and Environment made apparent the need for a formal stance regarding residential, commercial and light-industrial turbines.
22 Apr 2010
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