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Direct federal financial interventions and subsidies in energy in fiscal year 2010

Eia2010_document_gw_04_thumb This report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides an update to a 2008 report that provided a detailed direct federal financial interventions and subsidies in energy markets in fiscal year (FY) 2007. The value of direct federal financial interventions and subsidies in energy markets doubled between 2007 and 2010, growing from $17.9 billion to $37.2 billion. The growth in expenditures to renewables is substantial compared to other fuel types.
1 Jul 2011

NRG delays Bluewater Wind farm decision

But the firm has already forfeited $2 million of the deposit to delay the completion date. It now has until Sept. 23 to exit the deal, or lose $2.75 million, and until Jan. 1, 2013, to leave before it loses the rest. Bluewater will work to not only restore federal loan guarantee money, but to try to locate some private financing, Mandelstam said.
24 Jun 2011

Delaware's future: Slump limits clean energy; Congress, economy hold back US shift

Advocates for such renewable, carbon-free sources of electricity are in full defense mode, as recession-battered consumers blanch at the modest added costs required to shift to cleaner power and resurgent Republicans rail against government subsidies or carbon-control programs that might add costs for businesses and "kill jobs."
19 Jun 2011

Group of 7 Lewes homeowners is set to fight UD wind turbine; Group alleges lack of due diligence

A group of Lewes residents is readying a lawsuit that would target the University of Delaware, City of Lewes and other agencies that approved placement of a wind turbine on land adjacent to the university's College of Earth, Ocean and Environment Hugh R. Sharp Campus. Site preparation for the 2-megawatt wind turbine began last March and the unit began operation in August.
10 Feb 2011

Bluewater launches aggressive campaign; Maryland bid shows eagerness to expand

NRG Bluewater Wind is aggressively looking to expand its reach. Analysts say the company's bid last week to construct turbines off the Maryland coast is indicative of its thirst to build anywhere it can. NRG, which has a contract to supply Delmarva Power customers with electricity from a wind farm 13.2 miles off the Delaware coast, bid on 33 ocean tracts off Maryland under the name Bluewater Wind Maryland LLC.
18 Jan 2011

Tea party activists seeing red over Delaware's green initiatives

They are seen as the state-backed boost that solar and wind energy need to compete with power generated from fossil fuels in the coming decade. Trouble is, they may be the next target for Delaware tea party activists, who see them as wasteful government intervention into the free market system that just end up costing consumers more for electricity. They're renewable energy credits, or RECs.
26 Dec 2010

University of Delaware plans test field for wind turbines

The University of Delaware is moving forward with plans to develop a field to test wind turbines in shallow water off the Delaware coast. ...State environmental officials said they haven't heard back from university representatives on the proposal since they met in February. State permits would likely be required before any project could proceed.
5 Dec 2010

Delaware energy: Wind execs decry permit delays

Manufacturers noted positive momentum in the U.S. market, but industry players bemoaned the piecemeal nature of their progress, with developers proposing projects, states and utilities seeking clean energy, and various arms of the federal government working on permits, not always in perfect harmony.
7 Oct 2010

Delaware energy: Offshore wind faces political blowback

At least six more summers are likely to pass before a Bluewater wind turbine produces any power, and the same is true for more than a dozen sites from North Carolina to New Jersey to Maine. Offshore wind's once impressive momentum has been stalled by a powerful shift in economic, social and political currents, all casting a harsh light on the industry's weakest link -- the high cost.
3 Oct 2010

Moratorium extended on wind turbines in Lewes

The City Council voted unanimously to extend the moratorium's expiration date from Oct. 18 to March 2011. Mayor Jim Ford said the six-month extension was designed to give the city time to hold a public hearing on the matter and carefully craft the language of a new zoning ordinance for small wind energy systems.
29 Sep 2010
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