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Letter: Wind turbines in residential areas a mistake

Now that two of these state-approved wind turbines are up and spinning in Colebrook, the local residents are showing the same ill health impacts cited in my group’s exhaustive research-based presentation to the state Siting Council. Headaches, sleep deprivation, increased blood pressure to name a few are the symptoms being felt by a doctor’s wife on their Flag Hill Road home in Colebrook. As reported in the Dec. 13 Sunday Republican, the couple lives 1,500 feet from the turbines.
18 Dec 2015

Clean energy headaches; Family says wind turbines causing health issues

Lawrence said he was unaware a wind farm was planned when he bought his land in 2009. When he learned of it potentially happening, he began to do research. He consulted the work of scientists such as E.L. Petersen, whose survey of populations living near wind turbines in the Netherlands has formed the basis for what is known today. Petersen and his colleagues concluded that wind turbine noise — especially low-frequency levels — affects people at much farther distances than generally anticipated, both inside and outside buildings.
12 Dec 2015

Wind turbine neighbors report adverse effects: Green Energy, Sick Neighbors

Meanwhile, Dr. David Lawrence, whose house on Flagg Hill Road in Colebrook stands about 1,500 feet from the nearest turbine, describes living under a state of siege. When the turbines started operating in earnest on October 17, his wife Jeanie developed insomnia, headaches and unsteadiness on her feet. The couple moved their master bed from the second floor into the basement, which is shielded by an earth embankment. “We’ve hardly been back up there since,” says Lawrence.
4 Dec 2015

What is the real risk/benefit of big wind?

Commercial-scale wind generation is far more complex than any­one imagines at first glance. These are not our grandfather's faithful 30-foot tall windmills ...These are towering 300-to-515- foot tall behemoths-some approaching the height of the Washington Monument, often placed atop scenic ridgelines, creating serious obstacles to anything that flies, including airplanes.
6 Apr 2011

Siting Council hears pleas

Reilly said people feel like the turbines are an imposition on their rights and came out to make their voices heard. "I think the Siting Council got a clear message from the town," Reilly said. Reilly said his group has 29 witnesses to provide testimony to the council and 2,000 pages of documents to support their case. He felt when the process is over the council will conclude the application needs to be denied.
2 Mar 2011

Colebrook wind power foes say it's not ‘not in my backyard'

Save Prospect's Tim Reilly said at the Connecticut Siting Council meeting that they have been speaking to members of FairWindCT on a regular basis, making the case that the current regulations - which regard just air and water safety - are not enough. Both Save Prospect and FairWindCT support a moratorium on residential wind turbine development until such regulations can be crafted.
9 Jan 2011

Colebrook resident seeks stop to proposed wind farm

BNE Energy's plan to put the state's first wind farm in town met with some degree of opposition. One potential neighbor has taken her case to the Connecticut Siting Council, seeking the rejection of the plan. According to the petition, BNE Energy has been accessing [Robin] Hirtle's property to reach their parcel of land. There is a mutual easement in place affecting both BNE Energy and Hirtle, stating that it "shall be limited to residential use exclusively."
24 Dec 2010

Falmouth turbine draws wary Connecticut residents

Three dozen residents of Prospect, Conn. traveled three hours to Falmouth on Saturday to get a firsthand glimpse of Wind I, Falmouth's 400-foot, 1.65-megawatt turbine at the wastewater treatment facility. The reason, said Prospect Mayor Robert Chatfield, is that a private company is trying to build two similar-size turbines as close as 1,500 feet to nearby homes.
30 Nov 2010

Wind turbine denied in Goshen

Commission members Peter Kaufman, LuAnn Zbinden, Mark Fraher, Stephen Cooney and Don Wilkes rejected the proposal because of concerns about "adverse effects upon the existing and probable future character of the neighborhood or its property values" and because "this specific site is not appropriate for this specific use."
5 May 2009
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