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Ready for vote on wind power In Colebrook

The opponents of a wind power project in town are feeling optimistic that the Connecticut Siting Council will not approve its construction, after a similar project proposed by the same company in the New Haven County town of Prospect was rejected.
23 May 2011

Wind farm foes rally at siting council office

Save Prospect tackled each of the council's findings. Among the comments were that it disputes the facts or characterization, no final plans or "competent evidence" support the findings or the facts are irrelevant. The group in general wants the council to include its pre-filed testimony and evidence in the findings.
30 Apr 2011

Colebrook wind turbine hearings focus on access to site

Mr. Corey was one of several parties to appear before the Connecticut Siting Council for cross-examination on the two parts of a proposed six-turbine wind farm. The projects are expected to generate four times the amount of energy consumed in Colebrook, but have been controversial because of their location in residential areas.
27 Apr 2011

What is the real risk/benefit of big wind?

Commercial-scale wind generation is far more complex than any­one imagines at first glance. These are not our grandfather's faithful 30-foot tall windmills ...These are towering 300-to-515- foot tall behemoths-some approaching the height of the Washington Monument, often placed atop scenic ridgelines, creating serious obstacles to anything that flies, including airplanes.
6 Apr 2011

Wind power's uncertain future

People in Connecticut support wind power as long as noisy, unsightly turbines are put in other people's backyards. Even if BNE's fondest wishes came true, Connecticut's wind would produce only 100 megawatts, or barely 1 percent of the demand on an average summer day. Consequently, minuscule overstates wind power's niche.
5 Apr 2011
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