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Xcel does an end run on the legislature — with an assist from Colorado’s PUC

Xcel is employing creative accounting to make the CEP look affordable, which is why it didn’t pass the smell test with my most business- and energy-savvy colleagues in 2017. Flaws in the company’s analysis became apparent during CEP hearings, thanks to diligent watchdog work by third parties and ratepayer advocates. But the plan won approval despite those dubious underpinnings and the doubts of some PUC members.
20 Sep 2018

Energy future goals are a study in contradictions

When you remove tax subsidies for wind and solar, and the planned phase-out of natural gas, and then must rely on battery storage for energy, the system becomes totally uneconomical. This doesn't even include what could be a $1 billion-plus cost for separation and purchase of the electrical system from Xcel.
15 Sep 2018

Our View: Clean Power Plan bad deal for state

The U.S. gets about 4 percent of its electricity from wind and solar power. The Clean Power Plan proposes increasing that proportion to 28 percent by 2030. A study of electric cost versus installed renewable capacity published by projects such an increase would actually amount to a quadrupling of consumer energy costs throughout the next 15 years, in many cases, further burdening those who are already struggling.
1 Nov 2015

Tri-State: $1 billion cost to meet Colorado's renewable-energy goal

The $1 billion figure covers the cost of new wind farms, natural gas power plants to provide power when the wind isn't blow and transmission lines, Dave Lock, Tri-State's senior manager for government relations told a new committee Wednesday. ...Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, said that "in a perfect world" the committee would have been convened to reach consensus on the issues a year ago.
11 Jul 2013

Veto renewable energy bill, Gov. Hickenlooper

Rural Colorado already is doing its part to develop renewable resources and diversify our state's energy portfolio. With a veto of SB 252, Gov. Hickenlooper can give that substantial effort a chance to yield dividends-while also ensuring rural ratepayers are able to afford their utility bills.
20 May 2013

Renewable energy mandate opponents appeal to Colorado governor; They claim rates would skyrocket

Hickenlooper said Thursday he will meet with executives from Tri-State Generation and Transmission, which provides power to 18 rural electric co-ops and is one of the two entities targeted by SB 252 (the other is the Intermountain Rural Electric Association). Tri-State executives claim the bill will cost the co-ops at least $2 billion to implement.
10 May 2013

House ups renewable power mandate

House Republicans accused Democrats of waging war on rural Colorado when legislators voted Tuesday to increase the renewable-energy mandate for electricity cooperatives. ...The bill passed 37-27, with all Democrats in favor and all Republicans against.
1 May 2013

Sen. Morse pushing crusade that will hurt local schools, businesses, families

Renewable energy may be a popular catch phrase along Colorado's urban Front Range, but it has turned into fighting words across much of rural Colorado. Not because rural communities are against it, to the extent it makes economic sense, but because they're about to be force-fed an overdose by state Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs.
27 Apr 2013

Ag industry concerned about renewable energy bill that would increase electricity costs

"This would just be terrible for the dairies around here," said Weld County Commissioner and Platteville-area farmer Doug Rademacher, who added that Weld County's five-member Board of County Commissioners has spoken out against Senate Bill 252. "It would really be disastrous for all of ag. A farmer told me the other day this could increase his electricity costs for (groundwater) pumping by about $8,000 per month."
27 Apr 2013

Costly to rural Colorado

It is sad in these rough economic times that our single-party Colorado state government would impose a law that has the same effect as a tax increase on its people by passing expensive legislation cleverly introduced under the cover of environmental benefit. This just does not make common sense.
23 Apr 2013

Local elected officials continue to slam renewable energy bill

"You're not promoting Colorado jobs. You're promoting jobs in other states where you can buy power to meet the mandate," Mathers said. "This bill provides no advantage to businesses in Colorado or promoting our economy." Perhaps the greatest injustice, Grobe said, is the fact hydroelectric power is absent among the bill's list of approved sources of renewable energy.
20 Apr 2013

Renewables bill fuels big controversy; Rural electric associations, GOP senators, testify against measure

"This is a leap to family insolvency... this is environmental bullying," King said. He noted that state-owned facilities pay $5.6 million per year for electricity to the rural co-ops, and SB 252 will increase their electric bills. "Where's the fiscal note?" he asked repeatedly. And why wasn't Tri-State and IREA invited to the table when the bill was being drafted? he asked. "Just because you have the power to do something doesn't mean you should do it," referring to the Democratic majority in both chambers and the governor's mansion.
17 Apr 2013
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