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Vestas not so green after all

A Vestas employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Gazette that he needs to shower every day prior to coming home to avoid harm to his children from the resins that get on his skin. The company has been cited by OSHA for violations related to chemicals used at the facility that have caused injury to employees. The Greeley Report said an inside report indicates the plant produces approximately 40 blades per week with each blade generating 1 ton of waste.
11 Mar 2012

Wind giveth, but power plants may be taking away

The report says that the greatly increased use of wind energy in the past few years may have raised pollution levels from coal and natural gas-fueled power plants owned by Xcel Energy Inc. That's because the frequent change in output asked of power plants, in response to the availability of wind and solar power, adds to pollution, the report says.
22 Mar 2010
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