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Wind's PR problem

A year into the provincial government's efforts to drive investment in green energy, the wind industry commissioned a poll to determine the "high level reaction" of Ontarians to wind turbines. ...the results in southwestern Ontario - where the majority of wind turbines are currently clustered - should be given special attention. While there was still significant support, there was markedly less support in this region than everywhere else in Ontario.
3 Aug 2010

Wind meeting "blown" because of too many people

It was a packed house at the Pontypool Community Centre Thursday (July 29) night -- a little too packed. Not a half hour into the planned three-hour public meeting regarding two proposed wind turbine projects in Pontypool and Bethany, fire officials shut it down for violating fire codes for going over capacity.
30 Jul 2010

Fire marshal shuts down public meeting on proposed wind turbines in Pontypool after 140 crowd into hall

When more than 140 people had crowded into the Pontypool Community Centre, the meeting was brought to an abrupt halt - a move that serves opponents of the Settlers Landing Wind Park and Snowy Ridge Wind Park since it means the first open house has technically not taken place and sets proponents' Energy Farming Ontario Inc. and project managers M.K. Ince Associates Ltd. back in their process.
30 Jul 2010

Ontario's Power Trip: Wind in your Sails

The lead up to the results of the survey by Ipsos-Reid outlines the geographic location of the respondents and, lo and behold, 384 are from the Greater Toronto Area, where there is one wind demonstration wind turbine, a giant money-losing contraption located on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition. Do GTA residents know about wind turbines, and do they care?
28 Jul 2010

Ontario faces U.S. challenge in developing Great Lakes wind power

Environmentalists and affected communities remain deeply divided on the benefits of these large offshore wind projects and their impacts on birds, aquatic life, and local scenery. Legal and regulatory challenges continue to hobble developers' efforts.This kind of resistance is likely to spill over into Great Lakes projects as well. To a certain extent it already has.
24 Jul 2010

Huron East urged to create legal agreements with wind turbine companies

At the urging of Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT), Huron East's administrative committee is recommending that the municipality investigate ways to create legal agreements with wind turbine farms planned in Huron East. ...Ross also recommended a regulatory bylaw that would put the onus on the wind turbine company to ensure that local citizens are not adversely affected by low frequency noise (LFN).
23 Jul 2010

Turbine plan sputters

Historical data from the Red Deer Regional Airport indicate that the average annual wind speed is 10.8 km/h. This would only allow residential turbines to operate at only 20 per cent efficiency - producing about 1,025 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, or enough to run two 100-watt light bulbs
21 Jul 2010

Wind dominates crowded council meeting

The future of the wind energy industry has become a complicated matter in Ontario, and nowhere was that more evident than Monday night's meeting of Clearview Council, where wind turbines provided both the context and subtext of several of the evening's debates.
17 Jul 2010

Wind farm agreement stalled

Mayor Brian Mullin told the delegation that council has refused to consider the road use agreement and he didn't see any movement around the table to change that position. "Procedurally it would require a resolution from this council to re-consider the agreement," he said.
14 Jul 2010

Nothing changes for wind project

A multi-million dollar wind farm proposed for near Amherst remains on hold ...because of market conditions. Acciona Energy spokesperson Eric Schneider said the conditions that existed in early 2009 haven't improved to the point where the company is prepared to move ahead with the project.
14 Jul 2010

When it comes to solar farms, it isn't all sunshine

Nelson said he's "not particularly" in favour of solar power generating facilities being built in Otonabee-South Monaghan. Residents are asking questions about the project but the Green Energy Act eliminates municipalities from the process ..."The Ministry of the Environment pretty much can't turn them down... The Energy Act seems to overpower everything," he said.
12 Jul 2010

Wind's bad day

Because wind systems will always have days when they will contribute essentially nothing, and because society will not want power blackout on those days, the only prudent course for the managers of the electricity grid is to value wind's capacity at essentially nothing.
9 Jul 2010

Eyeing New England's market

A merchant nuclear reactor in New Brunswick would face a market south of the border where renewable energy is favoured and the power supply is poised to exceed demand for at least the next nine years. ...The recession has reduced the load somewhat and it's unclear how much demand will return, he said.
8 Jul 2010
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