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Wind farms an alternative

PORT BURWELL -- Pea-soup fog shrouded dozens of wind turbines near here yesterday, lifting just in time for the official launch of Ontario's largest and newest wind farm, which stretches along the Lake Erie shoreline. But energy expert Tom Adams warns the future of wind power projects in Ontario remains clouded.
14 Apr 2006

Wind technicians keep active at turbines

Whether it happens in the "wee hours" or the middle of the day, if anything goes wrong with a wind turbine, it'll shut itself down immediately and send an alert to a wind technician, says Kevin Carswell, the operations manager at Canadian Hydro Developers Cowley Ridge installation in Alberta.
13 Apr 2006

Ottawa plan hacks green programs

The new Conservative government has decided to slash spending on Environment Canada programs designed to fight global warming by 80 per cent, and wants cuts of 40 per cent in the budgets devoted to climate change at other ministries, according to cabinet documents obtained by The Globe and Mail.
13 Apr 2006

One man's garbage is another's gold

Wind and solar power have a much higher profile as sources of renewable energy. Yet, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, based in the United States, biomass provides almost 30 times more energy to Americans than wind and solar power combined.
11 Apr 2006

Wind project grounded

Fears over the safety of pilots using the Pincher Creek Municipal Airport have put the brakes on a wind farm project, approved by the municipal district more than two years ago.
31 Mar 2006

Mono revises draft bylaw on wind power

Changes suggested during a public meeting in January on Mono's wind generation policy have been made to a draft bylaw and a decision on whether to pass it will likely be made after the town's revised Official Plan is adopted. Most of the changes were to make the wording of the bylaw clearer.
31 Mar 2006

California's new power diet plan - The Golden State has lessons to share with Ontario on how to avert an energy crisis

Arthur Rosenfeld speaks with the conviction of a man who has seen the incandescent light. As head of the California Energy Commission, he takes a decidedly low-watt approach toward energy savings, espousing staid but effective building codes, appliance standards, and utility-run energy efficiency programs that reward consumers for shopping green.
24 Mar 2006
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