Documents from California

USA California Quantifying the demographic cost of human related mortality to a raptor population 8 Jan
USA California Mammalian mesocarnivore visitation at tortoise burrows in a wind farm 12 Apr 2017
California Iberdrola - Tule Wind construction suspension order 13 Feb 2017
Mexico California USA Court order: DOE failed to consider environmental impacts on Mexico 30 Jan 2017
California Dotson v. EDP Renewables North America, Rising Tree Wind Farm 7 May 2015
USA California Tule Wind Eagle Permit Rejection 1 Aug 2014
California California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) complaint filed against San Diego County Board of Supervisors 12 Jun 2013
California Report to the Legislature in Compliance with Public Utilities Code Section 910 15 Mar 2013
California US-EPA Shuluuk Wind DEIS comments 4 Mar 2013
California Rewiring California: Integrating Agendas For Energy Reform 1 Dec 2012
California Community Advocates for Renewable Energy Stewardship v. United States Department of the Interior et al 19 Jun 2012
California James review of noise studies for the proposed Ocotillo wind energy facility 5 Oct 2011
USA California Travis AFB Midair Collision Avoidance Pamphlets 2007 and 2011 24 Sep 2011
California Has California met its 33-percent RPS obligation? 3 Aug 2011
California Comments on Tule Wind LLC’s Proposed general plan and zoning ordinance Amendments 12 Jul 2011
California NTSB report: Airplane collision with met tower 19 Jan 2011
California Decision denying a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the Manzana wind project 21 Dec 2010
USA California Avian and bat fatality rates at old-generation and repowered wind turbines in California 1 Sep 2009
California California Renewable Portfolio Standard, quarterly report 1 Oct 2008
California Bureau of Land Management map showing proposed visual resource management classes 1 Jun 2008
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