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San Bernadino County resolution: Bans large-scale renewable energy projects

San_bernadino_co_resolution_on_renewable_energy_2019-2-28_thumb San Bernadino County in California adopted this resolution banning large-scale renewable energy projects. The full resolution and presentation slides explaining the change in policy can be downloaded from this page. Minutes from a May 28, 2018 special meetiing of the supervisors is also available from this page. Below is an excerpt of the resolution. Other supporting documentation leading up to adoption of the resolution can be accessed at the link on this page. 
28 Feb 2019

An energy bill that's bad for marine mammals and most everything else on the planet

A third problem is the bill’s requirement that the federal government sell wind leases off the California coast within a year of enactment. While wind farms can be a good source of renewable energy, they are just starting to be sited in the ocean — with none yet off the coast of California. Wind farms should not be arbitrarily rushed into existence, as this bill would do.
24 Nov 2017

L.A. County supervisors to ban large wind turbines in unincorporated areas

After hearing pleas from more than a dozen Antelope Valley residents, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took preliminary steps Tuesday to ban utility-scale wind turbines in unincorporated areas of the county. The supervisors unanimously approved a draft Renewable Energy Ordinance that updated permitting and regulations on small-scale wind and solar projects and utility-scale solar projects.
15 Jul 2015

San Diego County Supervisors sued over flawed Wind Energy Ordinance

San Diego County Supervisors are being sued over their May 15th approval of the technically and legally flawed Wind Energy Ordinance & Plan Amendment-that benefits wealthy industrial wind and solar developers, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sempra, and absentee land-owners at the expense of rural east county residents and valued resources.
18 Jun 2013

After turbulent hearing, supervisors postpone action on wind ordinance to May 15

After more than three hours of heated testimony on Tuesday, San Diego Supervisors opted to delay a decision on a controversial wind ordinance and changes to plans for two backcountry communities until May 15. The postponement came after a lawyer representing rural residents sent a last-minute letter claiming that approval of the project would be illegal.
10 May 2013

Comments on Tule Wind LLC’s Proposed general plan and zoning ordinance Amendments

Tule_wind_llc_paa_volker_comments071211_thumb The following comments were submitted to the Department of Planning and Land Use in San Diego County California in opposition to Iberdrola-Tule Wind LLC's request for amendments to the County's General Plan, the local Community Plan, and to the existing and draft revised Wind Energy Ordinance. The comment letter was prepared by Attorney Stephan Walker on behalf of several grass-roots non-profit groups.
12 Jul 2011

Small-scale wind power gets county scrutiny

County supervisors today are scheduled to consider changes that tighten noise and size restrictions for small wind-energy installations. "We want to have some local control and not just rely on what the state thinks is appropriate for the county," said Noel Langle, a Santa Barbara County senior planner who is working on the amendments.
14 Dec 2010

County adopts new rules for wind energy

Included in the ordinance's environmental protections are requirements to conduct "biological and special-status plant" studies before construction of the energy system, as well as limitations of the system's height and noise emitted. For parcels between two and five acres, towers cannot exceed 50 feet.
27 Nov 2010

New height limits set for wind turbines in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County supervisors approved new height limits for wind turbines Tuesday despite protests from industry advocates who called the rules too restrictive. The limits were adopted as part of a group of land use code changes, including those affecting renewable energy projects. The ordinance reduces the maximum height for wind turbines from 120 feet to 100 feet for parcels larger than 5 acres.
10 Feb 2010

Council gets look at noise law

Currently there is no municipal law governing noise in Crescent City, but over the past several months, as the Planning Commission has attempted to draft an ordinance for small wind energy systems, it was apparent that rules for noise were needed.
31 Dec 2009

Santa Cruz County wind turbine presents conundrum for state regulators

The regulatory agency has told a Santa Cruz County couple that a wind turbine planned for their new home in the Pleasure Point neighborhood is too tall. Suggesting it would add to the area's "visual clutter," the commission recommends the residents lower their proposed 35-foot-high, electricity-generating windmill, an idea the home's architect says is simply unworkable.
31 Dec 2009
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