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Group questions Ocotillo wind resources

William Pate, a San Diego resident who owns a home here, said organized residents hope to file suit against Pattern Energy through the so-called False Claims Act, which in part imposes liability on persons or companies that mislead the government to acquire property, money or a project approval.
6 Jul 2013

Plug pulled on Lompoc Wind Farm

Acciona Energy has announced it will not build the Lompoc Wind Farm. ...the company said "it will not move forward with the development of the Lompoc Wind Farm." The announcement came just seven weeks after the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission granted the company a time extension for its permits.
6 Jul 2013

County Supervisors sued for wind turbine-friendly approach

Tisdale and her fellow plaintiffs say many landowners in rural San Diego County have come under pressure to sell or lease portions of their land to developers. The decision by county supervisors to tailor the County's General Plan and zoning ordinance by blowing up the restrictions on wind farms and individual wind turbines, only makes matters worse.
19 Jun 2013

Energy company quits Dunnigan Hills wind farm project

A Texas energy firm has abandoned its bid to build hundreds of wind turbines in Dunnigan Hills, according to a letter to one of the landowners. "In the end, we were not able to secure a partner," said Patrick Buckley of Pioneer Green Energy, in a letter to Charlie Schaupp explaining why the company was pulling out.
7 Jun 2013

Supervisors split on renewable energy study

In a rare show of disagreement, San Diego County supervisors split 3-2 Wednesday on whether to order a study that could lead to a comprehensive renewable energy plan. East County Supervisor Dianne Jacob's call for the study was opposed by North County Supervisors Bill Horn and Dave Roberts, who said the effort could slow down solar and wind projects already in the pipeline.
10 Apr 2013

Feds approve 3 major renewable energy projects in West

The approvals were for two solar and one wind projects, including NextEra Energy Inc's 750-megawatt McCoy Solar Energy Project in Southern California, the 150-megawatt Desert Harvest Solar Farm proposed by EDF Renewable Energy, also in Riverside County, and the 200-megawatt Searchlight Wind Energy Project in Nevada, south of Las Vegas. Searchlight, which is being developed by Duke Energy Corp, will use Siemens wind turbines.
13 Mar 2013

Suits against Ocotillo wind farm dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a pair of legal challenges to a wind farm outside the small desert town of Ocotillo. ...Terry Weiner, Imperial Valley coordinator for the Desert Protective Council, said her organization was weighing an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals out of concern for the California Desert Conservation Area.
3 Mar 2013

Altamont Pass turbines kill fewer birds

The tall, grassy hills, raked by stiff winds in spring and summer, offer prime hunting territory for owls, hawks and eagles. Focused on spotting prey, many birds soar straight into the spinning blades of turbines. But efforts to curb the bloodshed may be starting to work.
29 Jan 2013

AWEA conference addresses wind siting issues in the west

Mudge advised industry representatives present that there are advantages of doing projects on private lands instead of public lands-since there is a higher chance of litigation over public lands and tribal lands. Case in point: the Ocotillo project on federal Bureau of Land Management property has thus far resulted in at least five lawsuits.
20 Jan 2013

Pioneertown wind turbine project abandoned

A controversial proposal to locate as many as forty 420-foot-tall wind turbines near a wildland preserve in the Morongo Basin appears to be a non-starter. Portland-based wind developer Element Power has informed the Bureau of Land Management that it doesn't plan to install turbines atop Black Lava Butte and Flat Top Mesa.
12 Jan 2013

Clipper chops South Coast jobs, operations

It is unclear how many jobs Clipper might shed. At its high point, the firm employed about 770 people. ...By February, Clipper will consist of “somewhere under 100 employees.” Clipper’s development operations have ceased, and it is likely that the only part of the company to live on will be servicing the proprietary gearboxes in its 739-turbine fleet, this person said.
16 Nov 2012

Tehachapi's four turbines may be scuttled

The problem is that the City of Tehachapi, like many businesses, is on a Southern California Edison "power savings plan," which involves reduced costs when usage is lowered during peak hours, generally, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Penalty fees can be levied against the city if usage during those hours spikes. ...the turbines draw significant amounts of electricity when being started. This can result in thousands of dollars in added energy costs.
6 Nov 2012

Protesters mourn 'death of desert'

The protesters held a mock funeral procession to mourn what they see as the loss of the Ocotillo desert, and "to demonstrate to the public that we are really unhappy with National Public Lands Day being celebrated in the face of destruction of many thousands of acres of land for land energy projects."
30 Sep 2012

Donald Trump discusses controversial tweet about Palm Springs

"I don't consider green energy ugly turbines sticking up out of the ground and killing birds by the tens of thousands. I don't consider that green energy, I call that destructive energy," Trump said. "I've seen Palm Springs many times, I love Palm Springs, and it's just very sad to see what's happened when you look at what's going on when you enter the town and you see that disaster of wind turbines all over the place."
18 Sep 2012
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