Library from California

California CAISO: Tx constraints hinder out-of-state wind 14 Jan
California Portland firm wants to build 100-turbine wind project near Burney 28 Dec 2017
USA California An energy bill that's bad for marine mammals and most everything else on the planet 24 Nov 2017
California Wyoming Trump admin might finance massive wind project 30 Oct 2017
USA California EPA moves against Clean Power Plan. What does that mean for California? 11 Oct 2017
California California Lawmakers Fail to Approve 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal 17 Sep 2017
California California clean energy proposals face demise as opposition fails to yield 15 Sep 2017
California Power grid expansion plan withdrawn amid political backlash 13 Sep 2017
California Lawmakers move to add other states to oversight of California's electric grid 12 Sep 2017
California Wyoming California policies pose challenge for Wyoming wind farm 6 Sep 2017
California Wind energy in California: The good news and bad news 28 Aug 2017
California California Renewables Dream’n 18 Jul 2017
California California invested heavily in solar power. Now there's so much that other states are sometimes paid to take it 22 Jun 2017
California ‘We want the water sampled’: Ontario Ground Water Association 15 Jun 2017
California Can California really hit a 100% renewable energy target? 9 Jun 2017
California California’s push for a 100 percent renewable energy future may hit roadblocks 24 May 2017
USA California What's keeping tribes from harnessing their wind energy? 2 May 2017
California Solano County wind farm swept with fraud allegations 15 Apr 2017
USA California Mammalian mesocarnivore visitation at tortoise burrows in a wind farm 12 Apr 2017
California Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility: Wrong from the start 20 Mar 2017
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