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Altamont Pass: Controversial wind turbine company blamed for bird deaths shutting down

Altamont Winds Vice President Bill Damon wrote in the email to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service that "the reduction of avian impacts" was the primary reason ...The shutdown was a surprise, as Altamont had earlier this year received an extension to operate until 2018, which frustrated environmentalists. ...Judy Holzworth, the regional communications director for U.S. Fish and Wildlife, said her agency was happy to hear the news.
31 Oct 2015

Desert plant has pollution problem

And former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar freed up large expanses of public land for the plant despite environmentalists’ concerns about wildlife habitat and the loss of open space. Ivanpah was built on 5.6 square miles of mostly undisturbed public land that was home to desert tortoises, a species threatened with extinction, among other wildlife. ...“It feels like a bait and switch."
19 Oct 2015

Edison signs power purchase agreement for Tule Wind, CPUC approval still needed

Although permits for the project’s first phase have been approved, permission from the California Public Utilities Commisison (CPUC) is still needed, and must provide opportunity for public comment first. In addition, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has not yet issued take permits for golden eagles at the site. The project has generated substantial opposition in the community, with concerns raised over the impact of 500-foot-tall turbines lining the main entry to the federal recreation area.  
30 Jul 2015

High-Tech Solar Projects Fail to Deliver

Bird carnage combined with opposition by Native American tribes to industrial projects on undeveloped land has made California regulators wary of approving more. Last September, Abengoa and BrightSource abandoned their quest to build a solar-thermal project near Joshua Tree National Park ...In March the Board of Supervisors of Inyo County voted to ban solar-thermal power plants altogether. “Ivanpah had a significant effect on the decision making,” said Joshua Hart, the county’s planning director.
13 Jun 2015

Wind turbines are already huge, but they’re about to get way, way bigger

In the United States, the boom in wind energy has been dramatic. Last year wind generation grew more than all other sources of energy in the United States — and supplied almost five percent of total demand for electricity. And no wonder, as the cost of wind technology has plummeted 58 percent over the last five years, according to the American Wind Energy Association.
19 May 2015

Warm winter temperatures slammed California wind farms

Wind energy deliveries to California's top utility fell by half in the first two months of the year because of unusually weak winds in some Western states. The slowed wind energy production has exacerbated electricity shortfalls caused by a long drought, which has reduced hydroelectric power in the most populous U.S. state.
14 Apr 2015

Wind company donated thousands to officials who voted in its favor

Haggerty, Valle and Miley on March 24 voted in favor of extending the company's permit until 2018 in a controversial 3-2 decision. Estimates suggest the company's outdated windmills will kill thousands of birds over that period. Miley now says he wants to revisit the issue. ...The supervisors' vote was slammed by opponents such as Audubon California and the East Bay Regional Park District. They say the extension means three more years of disastrous effects on the golden eagle population, which has seen a massive decline since turbines were first installed in the Altamont Pass in the 1980s.
4 Apr 2015

Desert energy plan could limit valley wind developmen

New permitting requirements would be particularly troubling, Noble said, because the Coachella Valley already has its own plan to protect birds and other wildlife. Officials spent 10 years working on the Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan that covers more than one million acres from Cabazon to the Salton Sea. Noble called the new plan "a massive overreach."
21 Mar 2015

Romance may have derailed science in California Energy Development

The report by Interior's Office of the Inspector General detailed potential improper conduct by Steve Black, who worked as senior adviser to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for energy, environment, and natural resources policy. While he held this position Black dated NextEra Energy Resources lobbyist Manal Yamout, a conflict as Black oversaw several applications by Yamout's employer to build wind and solar facilities on public land.
12 Nov 2014

Lovingood discusses High Desert goals; Supervisor lauds windmill opposition effort

Lovingood told the Rotary Club of Victorville that his office is tasked with providing services and taking care of constituents’ needs. That included working with residents — and groups like the Mojave Communities Conservation Collaborative and the Alliance for Desert Preservation — in helping to convince E.ON Climate and Renewables to withdraw its application for the North Peak Wind Energy Project in Juniper Flats.
29 Oct 2014

'No On Windmills' group speaks up

“Our purpose is to protect the environmental and economic well-being of the High Mojave Desert, and to support a sustainable future, while safeguarding against activities that may harm the High Mojave Desert,” Ravana said in his letter.
27 Jul 2014

2 supervisors oppose giant wind project

Supervisors James Ramos and Robert A. Lovingood submitted a joint letter to the Bureau of Land Management on Thursday strongly opposing the North Peak Wind Project planned for 16.4 square miles of mountain ridges overlooking much of the Victor Valley.
25 Jul 2014

Drought hinders state's emissions goals

After falling for years, California's greenhouse gas emissions rose 1.7 percent in 2012, pushed up by the drought and the closure of the San Onofre nuclear plant in San Diego County. The state has not yet released emissions data for 2013.
20 Jul 2014
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